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Create Social Media Pages

You can use social media pages such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook to market your new company and products. Using social media will help you find new customers (or it will help them find you). You will also be able to bring them up to date on the progress you’re making on a daily basis. Doing so makes a crowd more curious about the work you do. Don’t be afraid of to leverage this kind of opportunity.

Build Your E-Mail List

An e-mail list is the largest revenue-driving online channel. Do not forget to update your e-mail signature to include your name, title, business name, tagline, and website!

Send Personal E-Mails to All the People You Know

Inform your family, friends, and colleagues about your business and your plans. Some of them might give you helpful feedback on the product, while others might even become regular customers.

Have Your Business Listed as Your Place of Work on Social Media

People are curious. If they see a name of the company as your workplace, they will most likely check it out eventually. There is no need to explain why this is helpful.

Upload Promo Videos Online

The internet is a huge market nowadays. You can choose from a variety of video publishing services like YouTube. If done right, you will get millions of views, likes, and shares within days or even hours. Once your video goes viral, there’s no way of stopping it from spreading. The further it spreads, the more you sell.

Make Your Customers Feel Special

Making a customer feel special is as simple as writing back to a client’s personal email, answering a question under a post, or adding a handwritten note to their package. Everyone knows that “time is money,” and they will appreciate the time you spend to please them.

Create Original Business Cards

Be unique. There are millions of business cards out there – make sure yours stands out and will not be thrown away as soon as you lose sight of a person.

Attend Networking Events

You can do it in your city; even if you’re not the biggest small-talk enthusiast, invest some of your time to do so. Having business is good, having good business connections is better.

Use Posters and Flyers

Sometimes you just can’t get the word across with business cards. Collect email addresses as a way to enter to win a free product giveaway. Ask friends to share links to make the movement even larger.

Write Great Content on Your Website

Research and reserve ideas on how to get more traffic.

Make Friendships With Local Social Media

Find out if social media sponsors would be interested in interviewing you, write an article about you, or even make a video. This kind of promotion will attract more customers. The more reliable and established the medium is you’re working with, the more attention you get. But remember to be careful! You don’t want to get involved with ones that can impact your image negatively. Always do a background check first to determine if the medium is one you wish to be associated with later.

Propose Coupons and Special Discounts

Apply this kind of promotion to those who already bought your product. Sales usually bring a lot of extra attention and tend to keep your customers interested in your offer for longer.

Find People, Such as Bloggers, to Review Your Product

You will get excellent feedback. Also, the more people talk about your company, the faster it will become known. Moreover, if it’s not free, this type of promotion is relatively cheap. Since it reaches often tends to surpass the initial expectations, it’s always worth a shot to find yourself a blogger to do the content marketing and writing for you.

Partner With a Non-Competitive Business

Doing so will get both of you more attention. Since your new product will share your partner’s customer base, some of your partner’s customers will naturally get attracted to your offer. And because the benefit is mutual, it should be no problem for you to find someone with whom you can co-create this new product.

Learn About Your Target

Sometimes even a small change in your product will make a tremendous difference in the long run. Feedback from users is the best tool a company will get.

Make “Cold Calls” or Send “Cold Emails” to Potential Prospects

Making Cold Calls (and sending Cold Mails/E-mails) means making calls to people who have had no previous contact with you. Cold Calling is the simplest form of telemarketing. What you should remember is that while telemarketing has a lot of bad press, it can also be done the right way – the way that benefits both you and your potential customers.

Give Some Money Away

Numerous scientific studies prove that donating your money is a sure way to gain long-lasting popularity. Though you can spend more, you don’t have to spend too much. Just a little contribution to the right cause can attract the attention you need. Make sure you’re up to date with pressing social matters – both global and local – and choose the right one to contribute to.