Tools for Small business

Creating a new business is a great challenge, you can never predict all the problems that you’ll have to face. Limited time, manpower, and budgets can all deprive you of the motivation to take action. With a solid team and the right tools, you’ll soon be on your way to acquiring your business potential. Here are 15 great tools that every small business should use to increase the growth of their company.


Wix is a practical tool suitable for everybody, even for people who are less tech-savvy and more design-centered. It is a great resource for website and blog creation. It allows its users to customize their site easily with a pack of simple, but useful tools. People with a stronger tech background can also benefit from Wix’s launched market app, allowing its users to mesh their personal apps onto the Wix platform. Wix proposes plenty of options: an online store setup, round-the-clock customer service, and trackable statistics. Additionally, creating a Wix website is free.


Nowadays, we are living in a digital and visual world. If entrepreneurs want to shift people’s attention to their business, they have to remember that fact. Slideshare meets the needs of the entrepreneurs. It allows users to share digital slideshows and presentations across the globe. Slideshare is a great platform to upload videos, slideshow presentations, and music files to share them across the web. It functions as a sharing platform, helping users to gain visibility for their creations. The site has an easy sharing service and blog-embedding tool so that you can put your creations on your company’s site or blog.


Piktochart tool

Piktochart is an infographic and presentation tool enabling you to turn boring data into engaging infographics with just a few clicks. Piktochart’s customizable editor lets you do things like modifying color schemes and fonts, insert pre-loaded graphics, and upload basic shapes and images. Its grid lined templates also make it easy to align graphical elements and resize images. There’s a free version offering three basic themes, while a pro account costs $29 per month or $169 a year.


This utensil helps you create or improve your content. PicMoney is a free online image editing tool. It is easy to use and helps make funny, shareable graphics for blog posts and social media. After seven days of free trial clients can unlock premium fonts and other features for $33 per year.

Inky Bee

Inky Bee makes networking with other bloggers much easier. This website is a key to getting the word out about your blog. There are things in blogging that will never change, and networking with other bloggers is one of them. Inky Bee is a great tool to help you connect, saving you time and matching you with bloggers with similar interests.


Social media Hootsuite

Hootsuite is next useful tool for small business owners. Especially, startups have to find their way to deal with the lack of manpower. Primarily used for social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Hootsuite allows users to pre-create all the content they intend to post and then to post it the exact time they want. You can attach images and videos and post items to many outlets at a time.


For small businesses, spreading information about their service, product, or idea is a priority. Social media is one way to gain potential clients, but the key to success is making them stick to your product. It is where MailChimp becomes a useful tool. It helps users create email newsletters to be distributed to their current contacts. People lacking tech or design experience can create a pleasing E-blast that will grab and hold its reader’s attention. Sending these newsletters on a regular basis can help keeping people interested in your offer or a website.

Go Daddy

When you are setting up a new website, self-hosting your company’s blog or creating a work server can prove to be essential to ascertain a hosting platform that suits you. One excellent example of a service that can help you is Go Daddy, a website server that offers something for everyone. Novice website creators can choose from a multitude of templates, complete with social media widgets and simple image tools to create a pleasing website in a short amount of time. It is the perfect tool for the first-time site creators who are looking for some easy-to-achieve quality results. To emphasize this point, Go Daddy provides global help 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. For blog creators, Go Daddy gives access to unlimited bandwidth and WordPress compatibility, as well as 150GB of disk space.


This website is one of the most popular and effective professional social networks on the IT market. When small businesses are looking for new workers for startup, LinkedIn helps to find them. The website provides an online directory of resumes, a chance to connect with interesting individuals, and a platform to source and finds careers. Starting your business with a tight team of experienced, talented people is the first step to success, and LinkedIn is an ideal way to achieve that.

Free Conversation Call

Free conversation call

Being an owner of an online business takes a lot of calling and emailing. There are plenty of situations where it would be helpful to have all the people working on a project on a telephone call. That’s exactly where Free Conversation Call comes to the rescue. The application allows you to get everyone together on the phone, and the system will even record the call for future reference. You can also use this system for an informational-type call for your customers. The “rooms” will hold up to 1,000 callers at a time. As the moderator, you can allow questions from specific users or keep them silent while you speak on a particular topic. Skype has a serious competitor.


As an entrepreneur, you’ll have to take care of numerous issues at the same time. With so many projects and challenges on the table, it’s not unusual for certain things to get overlooked. An excellent solution is OmniFocus, which helps you arranging and re-arranging the organizational challenges of the workplace. It’s a tool to maintain a work/life balance. OmniFocus’ goal can be described with three words: “capture,” “organize,” and “sync.” It begins its work by collecting all your data, current to-do lists, and anything that is on your mind. It can organize data into a more proactive form, allowing you to reach your aims in a clear and timely fashion. In the end, OmniFocus will sync all your data with its cloud server for your reference; you’ll be then able to access it from any location, at any time.

Keyword Spy

One of the best ways to learn from your competition is observing them – more precisely, spying their keywords. As an analysis tool, Keyword Spy helps figure out exactly what keywords are working best for your competitors. That’s how you can learn from what they are doing.


Companies with a tight budget but a solid idea are eager to spread the word at a minimal cost. Haro (short for Helping A Reporter Out) provides the perfect platform for both these companies and reporters looking for content. With a Haro subscription, users receive access to media pitches and direct responses to their queries. It provides access to top writers and publications, giving your small business a fighting chance at national or even global recognition, without shelling out thousands of dollars on a high profile Public Relations firm.



LastPast is a website created for people who are wasting their time trying to remember their password for mobile devices. LastPast creates a stress-free Internet experience while ensuring total password security. Users can create a free LastPast username and password. Then, sync up all your used websites, email accounts, social media servers, and so on. These linked accounts will then become available through your only LastPast login information. By streamlining dozens of login sites into one effortless checkpoint, you can speed past those roadblocks and access your site in a faster and effortless manner.


If your cabinets are full of loose documents, and it is making you tired, EchoSign will be a good solution for you. Just upload your documents to the EchoSign server and send them to the other party. With its E-sign capability, EchoSign makes signing contracts a hassle-free event, with no printer or scanner necessary. Just type in your name and initials and EchoSign will save your signed documents on their server for you to reference whenever you need. Instead of throwing away cash on paper, printer ink, and a scanner invest in EchoSign, which saves you time, money, and work.


Additionally, you can also use NinjaOutreach, which provides an interesting alternative to Inkybee. With this tool, it’ll be much easier to get closer to all the important influencers all around the world. Outreach easily at a fraction of the time and cost.

Entrepreneurs have a variety of opportunities which can improve their company in all areas: marketing, customer relationship management, accounting, communication, and even entertainment. Tools presented above are just the part of the vast amount of instruments available for small businesses.


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