Startup Toolset

Startup Toolset

The tools were made to make our lives easier, to make our tasks simpler. In terms of business (and in terms of startups in particular) choosing the proper tool often means choosing success over failure. But how do one find the proper one, when it’s not even clear what is there to choose from, not to mention what is worth it? We have an answer. Our team of professionals takes the time to browse through the available tools, from technological novelties to free & common mobile apps, providing descriptions, manuals, and reviews, all the while keeping its hands on the pulse, monitoring all the tech-tools-and-essentials news!


The Lean Startup

There’s a problem with inventions, not to mention the inventors. Some things are invented, other developed, other develop somewhere in the process. When it comes to the lean startup method, there...
The Best Stock Photo Sites Review

The Best Stock Photography Sites Ever

People use stock photography sites for many purposes, from adding optimized, fast loading images to websites, to supplying high-profile advertising campaigns with customized, stylish high-resolution photos and artwork. If you are looking...
Set of multicolored crayons

How Does a Kanban Board Work?

A Quick Start Guide to Kanban A Kanban board has three essential elements: a board, list, and card.Board: The board contains the workspace or project.List/Lane: A list is a titled column on...
Herd of sheep

The Concept of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a method of funding a project or venture by raising money from a large number of people. Nowadays, if some people want to support a particular idea, they perform...
Tools for Small business

15 Must-Have Tools for Small Business

Creating a new business is a great challenge, you can never predict all the problems that you'll have to face. Limited time, manpower, and budgets can all deprive you of the...
Pins stuck into a corkboard

Visualizing Work Through Kanban

Visualize Work Using a Personal Kanban Board A simple personal Kanban board consists of three columns on the board. The board can be a whiteboard, corkboard, chalkboard, or even a digital board....
Business Books Must Read

Top 10 the Best Books About Business

Books are a great source of inspiration and knowledge about marketing, finance, and personal development. Nowadays, bookshops are full of publications which can help a potential entrepreneur understand the complicated rules...