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The budget stuff. Nightmarish stuff. But no. Wait. Wait! Is it?
It doesn’t have to be. Taking care of the budget can be made easier. With the right assets, tools and know-how, it can be made easier. Raising funds to meet the expenses doesn’t have to be a nightmare! Convincing people to invest is not impossible! In fact, it can be quite simple! This database covers most all on the matters of raising funds. From crowdfunding, through IPOs, MVPs, freemiums, to finding investors and Angel Investors: It’s all here, categorized!

GHI (Getting Highly Inspired)

From a heartbreaking bankruptcy in 1991 to the founding of Omega Insurance Services in 1996 and its eventual sale in…

3 years ago

Applying These 9 Simple Ideas Will Save Your Business From Bankruptcy!

It’s much easier to bankrupt than succeed on the market. Nine out of ten startups fail due to bad management…

4 years ago

Will Using Lean Startup Allow You To Cut Costs?

Is the lean startup method about cutting the costs of development? Well: no. Not exactly. The common notion is that…

4 years ago

The Lean Startup *FINALLY* Validated! Is Eric Ries’ Method A Scam?

This article aims to answer the question: Is the lean startup method valid? Or is it a scam? Does it…

4 years ago

Generations At Work: Who To Hire, Who To Fire?

One recruitment process and various options: 4 people, 4 generations and 4 completely different priorities and approaches to life. Does…

4 years ago

Thinking Of Launching A Startup? Consider Moving It To One Of These Countries To Save Up To 76%/Month!

Thinking of going international? For startup entrepreneurs, the European Union-based ones in particular, Eastern Europe is one of the most…

4 years ago

Startup Failures – If You Don’t Want to Fail, Don’t Follow Them

Regularly we hear about startups and businesses which gain success or about those enterprises which are constantly developing and thriving…

4 years ago

Get Funding For Your APP With Aprenita

Developing an app and launching it on an app store is a great accomplishment, but it's often what comes after…

4 years ago