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$99 Superscreen Changes Your Phone Into a Tablet

Would you like to have the features of a $600 iPad in a $99 device? Thanks to Transcendent Designs, the startup from…

Take Your Child on an Educational Trip With Orboot

Undoubtedly, the most efficient way of acquiring knowledge is through play and exploration. Nowadays, it is not easy to satisfy a…

Robotic PLEN Cube Will Become Your Best Companion

Nowadays, High Technology, AI and the IoT run the world. Some robots weed your garden, make pizza or delivery food under…

Too Lazy to Make Your Bed? Check out SMARTDUVET

Sgnl – Make Phone Calls with Your Fingertip

If you soon see people with a finger in their ears do not be surprised. It isn’t a science fiction…

What a Bottle That Filters Water All by Itself?

Ecomo Inc., a technology startup from California, has created a device to please all healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. They came up…

Bixi Controls Your World With One Gesture


What Do LED Lamps and Wi-Fi Have in Common?

Are you sick and tired of unstable Wi-Fi? It seems like you don't have to worry anymore because, Knbor Technology…

This Waterjet Achieves Detail Impossible by Hand

Check out what this device can do!

Say Goodbye to Boring Plank Exercises

Since now, no excuses!