For Entrepreneurs

For Entrepreneurs

The budget stuff. Nightmarish stuff. But no. Wait. Wait! Is it? It doesn’t have to be. Taking care of the budget can be made easier. With the right assets, tools and know-how, it can be made easier. Raising funds to meet the expenses doesn’t have to be a nightmare! Convincing people to invest is not impossible! In fact, it can be quite simple! This database covers most all on the matters of raising funds. From crowdfunding, through IPOs, MVPs, freemiums, to finding investors and Angel Investors: It’s all here, categorized!

Angel Investor holding money

5 Tips When Presenting to Angel Investors

Tell Stories Stories make a pitch more personal. Compared to venture capitalists, angel investors often look to be a larger part of a startup. Many wish to take on mentoring roles for...
angel investor

Finding Angel Investors for Startups

It is not easy to find individual angel investors. They prefer to stay anonymous and may not have heard of you. Ideally, you have to find an investor who is interested...

Loan Options for Startups – Pros and Cons

Here are nine best options for business startups. Rollover for Business Startups (Retirement Money) Pros:Use retirement funds without tax and penalties No debt Retirement can grow if business is successfulCons:Failure in...