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Developing an app and launching it on an app store is a great accomplishment, but it’s often what comes after that determines the long-term success. Without enough resources to keep the project afloat and the user base growing, the odds are against aspiring developers. Here’s where Aprenita could help big time.

Where Traditional Funding Fails

Aprenita is a funding platform aimed at mobile app developers. Who are the people behind it? Mobile app developers! Makes sense, right? Who better to understand the financial challenges that come with deploying and promoting apps. Mark Loranger and Sergei Kovalenko saw a drastic gap between the traditional funding methods and the needs of modern tech entrepreneurs. As they argue, neither banks, nor equity investors, nor credit cards fit into the dynamics of mobile app enterprises. For banks, their revenue history is usually too short and their expansion goals too risky. Venture capitalists tend to take their time before actually chipping in and want a piece of your business for themselves. Credit cards are simply not enough. With the time needed to secure funding and receive revenue from the app store, the window for growth opportunity for mobile app startups is very short. Here’s where Aprenita can make the difference.

How Aprenita Works

The entire process is extremely quick and simple. All it takes is to register on their website and connect your app store data together with your analytics tool. Aprenita takes it from there. In just a few minutes, their algorithms crunch the numbers and project your growth potential. You receive the decision in no time and the loan terms are ready 1-2 days later. Once you accept them, the money hits your account within 24 hours. There are no hidden fees and the platform doesn’t take equity. All this time you would normally spend on meetings in banks and pitching to investors could be now used to pump the new resources into growth. However, there are some basic limitations. You need to have at least 6 months of revenue history before you apply. Without it, there’s simply not enough data to run the projection.

You can learn more from their promo video below:



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