Have you ever thought about working for a startup? Or maybe you’re so tired of your recent job that you want to change the environment and take a breath of fresh, energizing air and meet interesting people? I was so. I was always curious why is that my friends who own their own startups or who work for one are so enthusiastic about that matter, and what to do to be the part of this world. That’s why I’ve decided to take matters into my hands. I’ve started to hang out with my “startup friends” even more and listen carefully to what they have to say on a startup ecosystem. I’ve attended startup events with them to listen to interesting prelections – that made me more and more interested in this kind of businesses. As I knew more, I’ve noticed that this world gives people many opportunities to foster their talents and develop their skills in a friendly atmosphere. Being frustrated with my previous job, I’ve decided that it’s the time to change the workplace and get more involved in the startup world in my city. It made me consider myself as a part of the startup team.

As I knew more, I’ve noticed that this world gives people many opportunities to foster their talents and develop their skills in a friendly atmosphere. Being frustrated with my previous job, I’ve decided that it’s the time to change the workplace and get more involved in the startup world in my city. It made me consider myself as a part of the startup team.

Many people question themselves: “Can I work for a startup?” – of course, you can! Read on to get to know more about the startup community and to find out how to find startup jobs in your city.

Who Works For Startups?

It’s hard to say precisely who is a good candidate to work for a startup and who is not. It depends on what is the enterprise’s profile and what is it specializing at. Many people, while thinking about a startup and its team, picture very young people wearing T-shirts and sneakers. How does it look like in practice?


The stereotype that people working in the startups are mostly young is the truth. More than half of startups tend to work with people in their early and mid-twenties. Although that’s true, don’t worry if you’re older – for most of the startup enterprisers, the thing that matters the most are your knowledge and capabilities, not the year of your birth.

To qualify to work in a startup you definitely have to be hard-working, sometimes even more than 8 hours a day, especially when the business you work in has just been founded. Believe me, if you’ll get involved in the project and you’ll feel that you’re making something new to emerge on the market, you’ll have fun and a great satisfaction of what you’re doing – long working hours will be rather fun among all the enthusiastic and exciting people.

How to Look For Startup Jobs?


Now, as you already have been introduced to some tips on what to do and where to look for the startup job, get to know how to find your dreamed startup job in your city.

Chicago Startup Jobs


Through past few years, we were the witnesses of the great startup and tech scenes development in Chicago. A lot is going on at the Chicago Universities, where young, sometimes still studying people choose to be entrepreneurs so that they decide to launch their own startups. Generally, startup industry in Chicago gives the world plenty of new startup launches each year, and regarding the constant development of tech scene, the huge number of them has a great chance to thrive.Where to search for startup jobs in Chicago?

There’s a website called BuiltinChicago.org – you should remember it because it’s devoted to people who are eager to contact with startups directly. There, you’ll find endless job offers, divided into following sections: Data Jobs, Design Jobs, Developer Jobs, Marketing Jobs, Product Jobs, and Sales Jobs. Choose what you’re most interested in and get started! BuiltinChicago.org isn’t the only platform that can help you to find a startup job. There are plenty of them, amongst which you can stumble upon Join-Startups.com, which I also highly recommend.


As it was mentioned in the infographic, sometimes being successful while looking for a startup job is all about connecting and networking with people that matter in the startup community. Don’t forget about Facebook groups, such as Chicago Startup Jobs, because its members post not only job offers but also share their essential startup knowledge. Get closer to the Chicago startup community, follow all the social media groups and keep up to date with the Meetup.com.

London Startup Jobs


According to the European Digital City Index, London is the best city in Europe for supporting startups. The reason for this might be the presence of more than 35 business accelerators, which make it easier to kick off the business. What is more, the government is also contributing to ensure startup success by connecting them with the resources they need. Not only it’s a good city to start a business in, but also a place where various startups need you to be a part of their team. But how to get in touch with them?

There are many websites where you can quickly search for startup jobs. One of these platforms is UKStartupJobs.com – give the location and type of the job you’re most interested in to browse all the prepared offers.


Networking, networking, networking. It’s a key to success in the startup world, and London is no exception. Use Meetup.com as a source of notice what’s going on in the startup community and where to go to meet interesting people or broaden startup knowledge. Remember, ALL the pieces of information and all of the contacts you make can be crucial in terms of your upcoming startup career. Don’t forget to join all the important startup groups on social media (such as London Startups and London Tech Startups) to find all the interesting information and the hottest jobs right now.

Paris Startup Jobs


French startups are multiplying, and a vast majority of them is being promoted internationally. Startupers can count on the government, which is subsidizing their entrepreneurships with long-term tax breaks. All in one, the fact is that Parisian startup scene is thriving and constantly developing, which means that there’ll be more and more people needed to work for them. Connect with Parisian entrepreneurs and increase your chances to find a dreamed startup job. You should know that this process will require your time and energy, but if you’re ready and in a good command of French, choose how to look for it and act. By the way, I’m just kidding about French, there are also some options for those who’d prefer English!


The easiest ways to look for a job in Paris is to visit one of the “startup working portals”. Among which there’s F6s.com – platform where you can find employment offers from across the world, including French enterprises located in Paris. As I’ve promised, now something for those of you who love the Parisian atmosphere, but who are not in a good command of French. Don’t worry – StartUs.cc has prepared some English jobs in Paris, so if you’re hesitating and dreaming of moving there, and you’re just scared about language issues – pack your bags and go to the airport. As you remember, it is important to make as many contacts as possible regarding looking for a startup job – the easiest way is to attend startup meetings and connect with all the startupers via social media. Like all the biggest startup hubs in the world, Paris also has some Facebook groups.

Join Startup France on Facebook to enjoy interesting novelties shared by those who know what’s going on in the French startup ecosystem – and if you’re still not satisfied and you’d like to attend more startup events, that’s brilliant, because there are a lot of new opportunities waiting for you on Meetup.com.

Sydney Startup Jobs


The next city seems to be very friendly for all the starting entrepreneurs and that’s why startup environment in Sydney is constantly developing and quickly maturing. Although the government doesn’t provide many incentives for entrepreneurs, it doesn’t seem to stop all the ambitious startupers. An evidence for that may be the presence of numerous startup events which attract quite a big crowd every time. These meetings are mostly organized by Muru-D and Fishburners – remember these names if you want to know what’s new and what’s shaking on the Sydney startup scene.


If you want to work here, you should definitely attend meetings organized by earlier mentioned Fisburners – Australia’s largest community of startups where you’ll find many exciting events, meetups, and conversations invitations. Take a chance and meet as many interesting people as possible. Who knows, maybe amongst them there’s your future employer, someone who can introduce you to your next boss, or somebody who can simply guide you through the startup world.

Of course, you can contact startups directly. Use adzuna.com and browse all the available offers. Don’t forget about social media; even if you think about it with a grain of salt, believe me, Facebook and Twitter can offer much more than only Candy Crush Saga!

Moscow Startup Jobs


This city is home to nearly 4000 technology startups. If you’re not Russian and still want to work in this country, don’t worry, because it has the facility of Long Term Work Visa – so when you find a job here, the only thing to do is to ask your future boss to fill in all the documents. But how to find somebody who’d be eager to do so?

I must admit that when it comes to the Moscow startup groups, most of them are in Russian, so for someone who isn’t in a good command of this language it may be a big problem to understand and to take advantage of the content. Luckily, there’s also a Facebook group devoted to expats, and it’s simply called Moscow Startups Expat. You have to stay alerted, because its members often post job notices connected rather with children education than startups, but, fortunately, you’ll find information about all the important events there. If it’s still not enough (or you’d like to meet more people and listen to as many of them as it’s possible), you can also visit the Meetup.com and find all the interesting events in Moscow.


Choose the solution that suits you best. If you’d rather like to contact startups directly, visit F6s.com, scroll down the list of numerous jobs offers; or enter Angel.co, where you’ll find a lot of startups which are recently looking for people who could join their teams.

Prague Startup Jobs


In one of our previous articles, we’ve mentioned the Czech Republic as a great destination to start offshoring. There are a lot of new startup launches in this country. Why? Because costs of running a business there are relatively low, and that seems to attract many entrepreneurs who are eager to form more and more job sites in their startups. Additionally, it looks like Prague startup ecosystem may be not only a good idea for Czechs but also for foreigners. Find out where to go or which website to browse to find a startup job and become a part of Prague startup community.


At first visit, CzechStartups.org, where you’ll find a calendar with all the interesting startup events. The portal itself brings all the relevant information about startup scene in the Czech Republic. What you can find there are the most relevant information and news which will help you to keep up to date. If you want to achieve success, you should definitely start to befriend people with this portal. What’s more, besides the important news published on this website, you’ll find many useful tips and pieces of advice there that can help you take your business career to a whole new level.

If you’d rather prefer to contact startups you desire to work for directly, visit platforms such as StartupHire.com, StartupJobs.cz, or StartUS.cc – browse the list of notices, choose the most interesting of them and start acting.

Toronto Startup Jobs


Canadian startup ecosystem is gaining more and more attention nowadays. According to the Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association, in 2016, the total value of Canadian venture capital deals exceeded $3 billion. Experts predict that this trend is going to sustain – it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Do you want to join Toronto startup ecosystem and work for a thriving startup? If the answer is yes, read on to choose the best way to find your dream startup job.

Connect. Support. Accelerate. Startup Toronto – this non-profit organization’s slogan make it simple to decide whether to join its Facebook group or not. You’ll find there various information about startup events and speakers whose lectures you can attend to in the city. In one word – there’s everything you should follow while looking for a startup job. On the other hand, there’s a fourth part of the infographic above which says that if you want, you can contact startups you’d like to work for directly. Visit StartupNorth.ca and browse all the available offers, or go to the Indeed.com website to have even more options to choose from.


Staying connected with Facebook users is one of the ways of broadening your network of contacts. You can also try to use Quora.com and ask directly its users who’s hiring in Toronto, who to call, where to go. Although on this portal you’ll find all the questions and answers not only for “startup topics”, but very often it can be a great source of knowledge. I highly recommend using it. What’s more, there are many people who are entrepreneurs themselves and share there their priceless knowledge. Use it and CONNECT with them.

Berlin Startup Jobs


Statistics show that German job market is set to produce 100,000 new jobs by 2020. In fact, every 20 minutes a new startup is founded in Berlin – it’s quite a lot. For the German industry, the tech-world was always important; that’s why tech startups can count on the governmental support – it is also pretty encouraging for founders to finally kick off with their project, automatically creating more and more new startup jobs. If you’re looking for a tech job, you should definitely consider moving to Berlin. Follow the useful tips below and make it more likable to find your dreamed startup job in the capital city of Germany.


Start by signing in to the Startup Germany Club on Facebook and keep up to date with the latest news of what’s going on in the Berlin ecosystem. Stay connected, and up to date – it may help you while talking to some key startup players in the future. It’s always better to know what’s shaking for these big fish in the pond – show them that you care and you’re really interested. You can also visit StepStone.de, website similar to these mentioned earlier. Browse all the available offers and choose the best one for you.

Sprechst du Deutsch? If the answer is no, don’t worry – startup entrepreneurs are usually open-minded people, and it doesn’t bother them if you’re a foreigner who doesn’t speak German. It seems that the biggest struggle in this case for the foreigner is the willingness to live abroad and to have an experience in the in-demand role. If all the points are checked, enter TheHeureka.com, BerlinStartupJobs.com, or Angel.co and search for your dreamed workplace.

Warsaw Startup Jobs


The fact is that Warsaw is the home city for hundreds of startups – more than 30% of all Polish startups are located here. The capital city of Poland hosts a lot of events and meetups, all about startups and everything connected with them. The most popular and often backed by the country’s government are: Open Reaktor, Agile Warsaw, and Startup Grind. Take part in some of them, gain some useful knowledge, and meet interesting people.

Poland is fast becoming one of the most competitive countries on the European startup scene. That’s why it is worth your time to follow Warsaw Startup Jobs group on Facebook. You’ll find a list of every day updated job offers there, with all the requirements listed in one place. Another way to contact the startups you’d like to work for directly is to visit Poland-StartupJobs.com, StartUs.cc – websites where you can pick from the list whether you’d like to work full-time or part-time and choose if you’re an experienced candidate or if you’re looking for an internship.


If you decide to work in a startup located in Poland, be prepared for meeting very young people who are 100% engaged in their projects and who will expect it from you. Besides the fact that they are hard-working, these are also extremely open-minded people for whom it doesn’t matter where you come from and whether you speak Polish or not – the only condition to get hired is to be ready to work hard.

Amsterdam Startup Jobs


In the city famous for bikes and tulips, the startup scene is also worth paying attention to. Strong sense of community, multilingualism, and practicality are the characteristics of the startup community in Amsterdam. If you are ready to follow them, you should definitely consider riding a bike to your workplace and sharing your energy with the new co-workers. Read on to get to know how to find them!

Stay tuned, follow Facebook groups such as Amsterdam Startups and similar, but way different Amsterdam Startup. Besides the fact the names are almost identical, it’s worth your time to join both of them. Once you’ll sign up, you’ll find the list of amazing events and news of what’s going on the Amsterdam’s startup scene. As you should have already noticed, in terms of looking for a startup job, you should be constantly up to date – these groups will definitely help you to do so. As in the previous examples, you can, of course, browse offers posted on the following websites to contact startups directly – GraduateLand.com (at first you have to create a profile and then look for interesting offers, even intern), StartUS.cc (everyone who desires to work in Amsterdam, but doesn’t speak Dutch should remember this website because it offers jobs for English speakers), and DutchStartupJobs.com.


While comparing all the offers, don’t forget to contact with the startup people, to attend important events and keep up to date with the going’s on – visit Meetup.com.
If you’re still hesitating whether it’s a good time to change your job or not, take your time, no hurry. Personally, I can tell you that working for a startup will make you gain a satisfaction of being a part of something new and innovative. It will give you an opportunity to meet many inspiring people who will take your perception of the market to the whole new and better level.

Remember that the list above is just a small part of cities where the startup environment is constantly developing. If you didn’t find your city or the city you’d like to move to, leave the comment or send us an e-mail, we’ll be glad to help you to find a job wherever you like!


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