URI Led light bulb

The URI light collection is a series of unique LED bulbs with simple, soft and minimalist lines that create remarkable lighting effects. NAP, a young company from Hong Kong, came with the idea to create these extraordinary and delighted bulbs. They were inspired by the spectacularity of space and the beauty of planets. That’s why they called their product URI. This word refers to God’s light in Greek.

URI Led light bulb

If you think that LED light is old fashion, you have to find out more about these bulbs. The most amazing about thing them is their striking design. They are made of acrylic glass sheets and led screw bases. The light source is reflected from the bottom, up to the transparent acrylic glass, forming a remarkable lighting effect. NAP’s team makes good use of LED technology, laser cut machining, traditional mortise, and tenon skills.

They have created six effective LED bulb styles, all related to space: Venus, Mars, Earth, Wave, Sun, and Jupiter. Besides this, URI bulbs have a contemporary outlook, yet are durable and energy saving. The futuristic design is a best fit with any interior design. These are quality products and will stand the test of time, working well with a wide range of interior spaces: your home, bedroom, office, restaurants and more.

The bulbs production is a long and careful process. Each bulb is a real masterpiece! It consists of 6 pieces of acrylic glass pieces. It looks like playing a 3D puzzle. All pieces have to carefully assemble together and it’s vital that all of them perfectly fit with each other.

NAP spent eight months studying the shape and form of each light bulb style. After a long time of testing materials and developing 3D models, they have decided to launch. You can support their NAP’s project on Kickstarter. They undoubtedly know how to bring the lighting source to a different level.



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