FLATPAC Could Become Your Best Travel Companion


How much time do you spend packing and unpacking your bags every day? If you are traveling a lot, you know very well that this activity is a huge pain in the neck. TRONNOVATE Design Laboratory has come up with an extremely clever solution. This Taiwan-based startup has created the FLATPAC, which allows you to pack and unpack just in seconds.

the flatpac green

Currently, TRONNOVATE Design Laboratory is raising funds for its product on Kickstarter. They’ve already reached 600% of their funding goal! Backers cannot be wrong – this product will definitely make your life much easier.

The FLATPAC is a lifestyle bag designed for people who would like to save their time during packing. This product combines a minimal design with functionality. The FLATPAC can be opened flat, via the same method we learned from traditional using Japanese furoshiki. You can organize your personal belongings in a second and promptly get anything with just a simple step.

the flatpac white

This bag has a plenty of great technical features. First of all, it includes eight separated pockets with a flap to protect your valuable items, preventing them falling outside. It also contains a Pouch Layer with a water resistant textile to prevent the objects from two different layers touching each other. Secondly, the bag has a capacity of up to 16 liters and has a double side zipper. It is also ultra lightweight (110 grams), washable, and both water and dust resistant. Third, FLATPAC has a delicate honeycomb pattern and it is available in various colors: Turkish Green, Navy Blue, Gun Black, Hermes Orange and Snow White.

The FLATPAC has four carry styles. You can wear it as a backpack, messenger, shoulder or hand carry bag. The FLATPAC also allows you to reach your stuff from any direction. No matter you backpack, or even on your shoulder, it is quick and easy to take your items in a second. Thanks to adjustable straps, you can adapt this bag to your personal needs.

the flatpac red

The FLATPAC’s versatile style makes it perfect for anyone and any occasion: shopping, school, travel or even the gym. Just grab your FLATPAC, pack your belongings in seconds, unpack them like a mat and get more time to relax.


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