How to get Funding Like Donald Trump

As we already know, raising money for starting a business is a hard nut to crack. Many young entrepreneurs don’t even have an idea where to start when it comes to financing their startup. A nice hack, which anybody can apply, is to get inspired by the people who have already achieved success. You don’t have to copy their whole strategy but just focus on those parts of it that suit you best and will help you to attract those investors.

Be Like Trump!

No matter what your opinion about Donald Trump is, you can’t deny the fact that he manages to get a lot of attention, and even more money, for his campaign. Just after the last debate with Hilary Clinton, he raised $18 million fundraising and it’s not even that impressive amount of money when compared to the $70 million that his campaign raised in the month of August only.

So, what characteristics of this man can you apply to get financing and achieve success in your business? First of all, you need to get this amazing, natural-looking tan, not to forget about, now being very trendy, white hair!…Ok just kidding, but standing out from the crowd isn’t the worst feature of a businessman you can imagine. Original looks might make the investors remember you just after the first meeting! Just remember not to exaggerate, as you still need to look like a professional.

Reach for the Stars

Donald Trump has tried his hand at many fields of business like real estate, beauty pageants, media and many more… Now he is a candidate for the president of United States. We have to admit, this man is ambitious and is not afraid of new challenges. Be as competitive with your startup as Trump is in this elections. Maybe your startup won’t become a president, but you definitely want to win the financing race with all the other competitors.

The Stage is Yours

Donald Trump likes to be in the center of attention, with his controversial speeches and tendency to be politically incorrect, he has been appearing in media practically every day for the past few months. Well, maybe it’s not the best strategy to yell at important personalities or declaim dubious opinions but being bold, knowing what you want and taking risky decisions might be the right way to make yourself a star of market.

Make Them Talk About You

The nominee of the Republican Party knows best that “the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” Applying the attitude that there’s no such thing as bad publicity might work for becoming highly recognizable in today’s media. Just be aware that haters might make you famous, but they will not make you rich. Always try to show your best side and remember that advertising drives trade.

Take a Chill Pill

Donald Trump tends to ignore any criticism and doesn’t care about the negative feedback he’s constantly receiving. As a young businessman, you have to learn from your mistakes and listen to the opinions of others but being just a little Trumpish will help you to cope with all the rejections and suggestions, as maybe you should focus on something else.


Be Yourself

In today’s enormous market, you have to show that you’re not one of the thousands of identical entrepreneurs. You have to convince the investors that you’re worth their attention. So, remember that nobody is better in being you than YOU are! Donald Trump knows it best and, no matter how crazy he might seem, he is being himself and it is proving quite a lucrative business for him.

Do it!

As you’ve just seen, anybody can become your mentor in business, you just need to know the difference between copying and getting inspired. Be aware that something might work for the others but for you not so much. Check out some business strategies of the people who succeeded and try to apply the best parts of it to your idea, so that you can build your own amazing strategy and get even more funding than Donald Trump!


Image Credits: Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

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