If you are video game fan or science fiction movies maniac, you surely heard about Hudly – a full-color heads-up display for all cars and phone apps. Thanks to Hudly, created by Eric Lee, you can feel like Tom Cruise in Majority Report. Does it still sound mysterious? Here’s an explanation. This app lets you project your phone onto a transparent screen on your windshield and accesses the info you need from your favorite mobile apps.hudly projector Hudly distinguishes itself from others devices via heads-up displays (HUD) system. Hudly was initially developed for military aviation, displaying information on transparent screens so pilots could keep their heads up while flying. Lee used this advanced technology to create HudlyThe device is comprised of a projector, transparent glass combiner, and a wire that plugs into your car’s OBD2 port. The projector, mounted near your sun visor, displays your mobile apps onto the glass combiner positioned on your windshield.

This results in a full-color image that floats on the road ahead. Hudly grabs vehicle information from your car’s diagnostic (OBD2) port. Your speed, remaining fuel, fuel efficiency (MPG), outside temperature, etc. are displayed as large, bright visuals. What is most remarkable is that this tool works in any car with an OBD2 port or cigarette lighter adapter. It connects to the port to retrieve vehicle information like speed, RPMs, fuel.


The setup contains tree easy steps. First, plug Hudly into the car. Secondly, use the included paper guide to align the projector and plug in the USB and HDMI cables. Thirdly, use the included paper guide to align the glass optical combiner. This places Hudly in the optimal projection range and your line of sight for proper heads-up use. The installation is done. Despite these advantages, please note nothing replaces reasonableness and a cool head on the road. Bon voyage!


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