jack white podo

Do you remember the Podo Camera which allows you take perfect photos and turn any
surface into your personal photo booth? Sure, you do! Now Podo Labs – a startup based in California and founded by three best friends from UC Berkeley – is coming back again. This time, they’ve created Jack, the Bluetooth Audio Adapter which makes any headphones wireless. It’s tiny but works magic!

Jack sharing mode enables you to share audio with your friends. You just need two Jacks and to split the audio from your music playlist or a movie on your laptop. You can also receive audio from other devices and play it through any audio player, such as your speakers or headphones, for instance. Podo’s product allows you also transmit audio to other Jacks (or Bluetooth headphones) from a normal output, like TV.

Thanks to the best battery (300 mAh) in the market, Jack guarantees 12 hours of playback. You can even charge your phone during use. It works with all in-line remotes and provides high-quality sound. With Jack, you can also control the volume, as well.

Using this tool is easy, with three simple steps. First of all, plug Jack into your headphones. Secondly, pair with your device. Thirdly, simply play music wirelessly. Besides this, the device lets you customize your style. It comes in three color variants: white/gold, black/gunmetal and navy blue/gold.

Currently, Jack is crowdfunding on Kickstarter. You can pre-order an early bird for $29. To all the music aficionados out there, it looks like Jack can become your best buddy. Podo’s product has already met its goal and the campaign is coming to the end. Thus, there really is no time to waste!


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