LEVITATING X: Breaking The Law of Gravity


Do you remember Levitating CUP, the world’s first gravity-defying drinkware, which actually floats in air inches above counters and bar tops? Now, the design company, Levitating Design Labs, has taken one step further and created LEVITATING X. This device levitates literally everything. This is the next generation of gravity defying tech art for your home featuring cutting edge levitation technology.

levitating plant man

The company introduces delightful collection consists of levitating plates, pillows, plants, and gravity-defying works of art. These zero gravity works of art significantly redecorate your interior and give your home a modern and distinctly futuristic appeal. What’s more, LEVITATING X mesmerize the senses as they suspend your jewelry, party appetizers, plants, and more in space.

How does it work? It is easy. No scientist knowledge required! The Levitating X Collection consists of two parts: the product of your choice and a base. The base is what houses the technology that allows items to levitate. Thanks to the power of electromagnetic suspension technology, the device can levitate objects. Just power it on, arrange your object, and sit back in awe as it weightlessly rotates in space.

levitating plate food

Levitating Design Labs offers a variety of decorative and functional, gravity-defying pieces. You can choose between Levitating Plant, Levitating Pillow, Levitating Plate or Levitating Décor. Interested? All of these items are available on Kickstarter. You can pre-order an early bird for $150. Thanks to LEVITATING X messing up with the law of gravity is just a pure pleasure!


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