Let’s start with a shocking curiosity! Do you know that, every day, 7 000 000 disposable paper cups are thrown in to British bins. Stacked up, they would be 7 times taller than Mount Everest! Andrew Brooks, an entrepreneur from London, is fully aware of this problem and has come up with a simple and yet brilliant solution. He has created pokito™ – an eco-friendly cup that adjusts to three sizes, then scrunches up when you’re done.

Brooks, inspired by those devastating facts, decided to change people’s daily habits. Perhaps you will ask: “the paper is recycled, isn’t it?”. Currently, 99% ends up in a landfill. Furthermore, the precious little that makes it to the recycling plants usually gets remade into napkins or newspapers – not cups. So, pokito’s founder accepted the challenge.

His team designed the cup out of silicone, but beta testers questioned its feel, heaviness, and slight odor. They eventually decided on TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) for the soft component and PP (polypropylene) for the hard bands.

You can say that the market is full of cups, but pokito™ is different than others products. First of all, this cup is practical thanks to its reusability. You can use it how ever many times you want. Secondly, it is light (weighs only 100g) and collapsible (squishes to 4.5 cm). Thus, you will always find some place for pokito™ in your bag or even in your pocket. Thirdly, this cup is also safe (FDA approved) and hygienic. It is easy to clean and fully dishwasher proof.


Creators made pokito™ immensely easy to use. They take into the account every little detail to manufacture the most functional, user- and eco-friendly cup ever. This product contains a raised, spill-proof lid. Cup also has dedicated insulating grooves which protect your fingers from the hot beverages inside. The middle is firm to grip too. In short, pokito™ has a solid foundation. You can be sure that cup never topples over. Only one feature is missing: with this device, your liquids are not warm for a long time.

Still, this cup allows you to choose how much do you want to drink. You can adjust your pokito™ to suit. Pop it open to grande size 475ml (16oz), medium 350ml (12oz) or espresso 230ml (8oz). Besides, a cup comes in eight snazzy colors: lime, cherry, blueberry, blackberry, cappuccino, pumpkin, grape, and bubblegum.

To sum up, you must have this product. Nothing is easier than that. Just support pokito™’s campaigns on Kickstarter and gain an early bird for only £11 ($14). Just do it, for you and for our planet.


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