If you are an early bird, a night owl, or you are just a long sleeper, Kello Labs, a company from San Francisco, has created a product which will surely satisfy you. We present you Kello – an advanced personal sleep trainer. This device helps you fall asleep, snooze less, tune your body clock and more. So, what is great about Kello? At first glance, it looks like a conventional electronic alarm clock. In fact, its possibilities are much more complex.

Kello’s team worked with sleep specialists and analyzed many studies on sleep behavior to design a device which lets people improve their bedtime habits. After a long and insightful period of research, they combined their sleep programs into an all-in-one product. The first program, Snooze Less, can limit how many times a week you’re allowed to snooze. The second one, Wake Up Earlier, helps you get to your personal wake-up goal by knocking off a few minutes from your alarm every day.

The next program is called Fall Asleep Fast. It gets you to focus on matching your breathing to a light pattern, slowing your mind and body as one. Another one, Bedtime Alert, displays a sky full of stars when it’s bedtime: all you have to do is tap Kello’s head to check in to sleep and log your bedtime. The Fight Jet Lag program will personalize your sleep schedule to adjust your body clock during the trip. Its last program, Power Naps, plays music for the right amount of sleep to get you through the rest of your day.

Besides those amazing functions, Kello also has a connected audio device. Thanks to its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can listen to all your favorite music at anytime. The team also prepared Kello’s Companion App. By connecting via Wi-FI, you can quickly set your alarms, start Sleep Programs, and manage Kello’s settings. Also, the product has a powerful HQ speaker, high-power USB port, and an auto-dimming screen.

The product also has a modern design. Kello’s shell is protected by a high-quality silicone coating that prevents it from getting dusty or stained over time and gives it a soft touch feel. The front surface is covered with an acoustic fabric to protect the speaker. Furthermore, the device is available in three colors: Mint Green, Cerulean Blue, and Pearl Grey.

Do you like the idea of normalizing your rhythm of sleeping? If you do, you should support Kello’s project on Kickstarter and, for only $89, become a true morning person!

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