1. Hem

Hem offers its line of high-quality furniture at customer-friendly prices. Their furniture and related accessories can be purchased online. This Stockholm-based retailer is a perfect compromise between IKEA and the high-end brands. The design is minimalistic and the products can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Hem furniture startup
Hem furniture

2. Zefo

Zefo is a startup that is specializing in online buying and selling second-hand furniture and appliance. The company’s policy is to provide the best consumer service and, therefore, “you get the most convenient and Zero Effort experience while trying to sell and buy.” Zefo’s undeniably targets at a value-conscious customer who wants to purchase verified products at a reasonable price. There is an option of a buyback.

Zefo furniture startup
A fragment of Zefo bookshelf offer


Ollu is a UK-based manufacturer that makes modern handcrafted furniture. All the products are meant to be timeless; the order can be fully customised to fulfil the client’s needs. What is more, this company puts an emphasis on the matter of the environment protection; therefore, all the materials used for making the furniture are locally sourced. Ollu offers its clients a showroom where one can have an opportunity of browsing their products and designs.

Ollu furniture startup
Ollu furniture

4. Tylko.com

This Polish furniture company definitely stands out with their own Tylko app. Once it’s downloaded on your mobile or tablet, you can choose a piece of furniture from their offer and check with a support of your smartphone camera how it would look in a certain space. You can make a real-time changes in height, width, and color. Moreover, within the EU and Switzerland, there aren’t any shipping fees. The final product is delivered to a customer via courier or a similar transport service and it is flatpacked so that an assembly process should be easy and doesn’t require using any tools.

5. Wooden Street

Wooden Street is an online furniture shop which offers exclusive custom-made and ready-to-purchase products. Located in India, this manufacturer concentrates also on creating multi-utility pieces, which can save space at home or in the office.

Wooden Street bar cabinet

6. Minted.com

This e-commerce company is run by designers and independent artists. You can buy personalised holiday cards, fine arts prints, bespoke art gifts, home and wedding accessories. What’s more, everyone can take part in Minted Design Challenge, where it is possible to submit your design and the successful projects will be rewarded with cash and a continuous commission from sales. In 2016, Minted.com introduced a new service of personal recommendation; if you’re in doubt how to arrange your interior or where a tiny decoration should be placed at your home, you’re in safe hands. A group of experienced professionals will ask you to upload some photos and fill in a form about your preferences and individual taste. Once they’ll be sure what you’re looking for, you’ll receive some good proposals.

Minted.com startup
Minted.com independent artists offer

7. Homefuly

An online platform where a customer will get complex help in terms of moving into a new home. Furniture is only one piece of a bigger puzzle; Homefuly will also take care of light, gardening and decorations.

Homefuly furniture startup
Homefuly furniture

8. Made

A British company, Made, wants to compete with IKEA and offer stylish furniture at customer-friendly prices. Made has its own showroom, where products are presented, however, it is only possible to purchase them through the company’s website. The company cuts as many middlemen as possible in order to reduce costs. This process positively affects the prices and makes Made’s furniture affordable.

Made furniture startup
Made furniture for a kid’s room

9. Kler furniture

Kler Furniture serves as a beacon of inspiration, seamlessly blending innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship. The brand consistently introduces contemporary pieces that go beyond functional utility, embodying a form of artistic expression that resonates with diverse tastes. Notably, Kler’s commitment to sustainability sets it apart, as the brand prioritizes eco-friendly practices and materials, inspiring consumers to make conscious and environmentally responsible choices in furnishing their homes. In essence, Kler Furniture not only sets design trends but also leads the way in promoting a more sustainable and inspiring future for the furniture industry.

Floyd furniture startup

10. Campaign

Campaign makes ready-to-assemble furniture that makes the whole process of assembling a new piece take no longer than a few minutes; in most cases, it can be assembled without tools. Brad Sweller, an ex-Apple engineer, came up with the idea of making timeless and durable furniture that would fit any time and place. When the furniture is disassembled, it packs up to be light enough to be easily carried. Moreover, the company invests in a pro-eco approach: all the components are delivered from the local business partners. The Campaign’s vision turned out to be a huge success; most of their stock is sold out now and the closest reservations possible can be made for spring 2017 delivery.

Campaign furniture startup
Campaign furniture almost ready to go

Image Credits: Hem.com , Zefo , Ollu , Woodenstreet.com , Minted.com , Made , Floyd Furniture , Campaign Funiture


  1. Food for inspiration! To me Ollu could be replaced by Dutch furniture designers FØRN (www.forn.nl). Not sure if FØRN is a start-up or scale-up but they are leading in Europe with this type of reclaimed wood furniture.


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