Karolina Demianczuk is the CEO, founder, and originator of Spontime – the app that has revolutionized the way we arrange meetings with friends. It all started with pure necessity, when Karolina was waiting two hours for her next classes and didn’t have anyone around to hang out with – she spent this time on her own. After the break, it turned out that, on the next floor, her friend was sitting on his own, waiting for the classes as well. If they knew that there is a person who is waiting on their own this close, drinking the same black coffee, they’d probably hang out together.

Yet, how could they know? Of course, you can type a Facebook message to all your friends that may be nearby, or write a post, but you don’t want everyone to know what you are recently doing and you only wish for particular people to be aware of the meeting. What if there could be an app that allows you to create an event, invite your chosen friends, and meet at the hub?

Bootstrap Business that Turned Out to Be a Huge Success


After this experience, Karolina started to search the market for an app which allows her to arrange such meetings with friends, although this did not bear any fruit. So, instead, she planned to design such a solution herself. In the beginning, she didn’t have investors that would back her idea, but some savings, good convincing skills and, of course, a brilliant idea. She was searching for developers and designers who would draw into the project like she did. When she found the guys, she pulled them in, without promising a big salary, as what was most convincing was the idea itself. She also admits that the important thing is to get people involved and let them love the idea – for her, it’s worth more than money.

The success of her effort, as of this moment, seems to have spread worldwide. In one interview, Karolina said she didn’t expect that people from almost all over the world would be interested in using Spontime. The app’s target groups are high school students and young adults, because these people spend more of their time with social media, totally neglecting real contact with friends and acquaintances. Spontime seems to be a boost to go outside and meet people in the real world!

Spontime seems to be a boost to go outside and meet people in the real world!

How Does it Work?

If you want to meet your friends, the only thing you need to do is to follow these steps:

  1. Name the event

2. Set up a date and an hour

3. Choose the place (you can point to the spot on the map or type the name yourself)

4. Invite friends with whom you’d like to meet

5. And… that’s it! Now, your friends get the invitation, they can accept it, and meet you at the pointed place, or ignore your invitation if they can’t make it.

The Aim

Spontime is the best way to arrange a meeting for those who don’t feel comfortable with posting on Facebook, instead choosing to only share the information with chosen friends.
The aim of the app is to transfer the social media life to reality. Nowadays, when people are spending more and more time online, it is crucial to maintain relationships in real life – and it seems like this is also the biggest value for Karolina and her team.



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