$99 Superscreen Changes Your Phone Into a Tablet


Would you like to have the features of a $600 iPad in a $99 device? Thanks to Transcendent Designs, the startup from Santa Monica in California, it is more probable than you can even imagine. Brent Morgan, the lead engineer and designer, has designed the Superscreen – the HD display which gives you the benefits of a tablet with the power and convenience of your phone.

Superscreen allows you to wirelessly transmit your mobile devices. So, in other words, you can see and engage all your smartphone content at the larger scale. Operating this gadget is like a piece of cake. You don’t have to sync to the cloud, update your apps or upgrade your device. Superscreen uses your already existing mobile data plan.

How does it work? First of all, download the Superscreen app. Secondly, sync your devices. Thirdly, enjoy your bigger and clearer content. You can use the display anywhere and anytime. Blogging, gaming, online shopping, checking news or managing business apps. The possibilities are endless!

superscreen gaming

With Superscreen, you will have fourfold bigger view. This display perfectly scales in full HD, so nothing gets blurry or chopped. You will have full multi-touch and orientation control, plus support for a stylus. Superscreen’s patent pending technology transfers data between your phone at industry leading speeds and as far as 100 feet away, regardless of obstructions. Besides this, the device is compatible with 97% of smartphones.

Superscreen gives you full control of your smartphone’s native operating system. The device is light, easy to hold and built for low profile portability. It contains 2MP front and 5MP back high-resolution cameras, 88-dB dual high-fidelity speakers, and built-in 4.1 Bluetooth. Thus, snap and share beautiful photos, play your favorite music and sync your electronic gadgets.

What’s more, Superscreen uses Touch recognition technology to compliment your Touch ID devices. Last, but not least, this HD-display utilizes 70% less battery than if you were actually using your phone in hand. Additionally, the Superscreen has a beautiful, minimalistic design and comes in two color options: ivory white and midnight black.

Undoubtedly, Superscreen’s name reflects the truth about this device. Now, this gadget can be yours. Currently, Brent and Transcendent Designs are raising funds for Superscreen on Kickstarter. Enjoy the community of backers and pre-order the display for $99. Hurry up, the number of early birds is limited.


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