The Brug: The Ultimate Bag and Rug in One


As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Melissa McConnell and Dominique King from Edinburgh, friends, founders of Wunderlife and busy working moms, have confirmed the reality of this common sentence. They have created the Brug – the world’s most functional bag and rug in one design, perfect both for outdoors and indoors. This product combines simplicity and functionality. The Founders have decided to share their passion with the Kickstarter community and have launched the Brug there. This ultimate bag and rug comba, as a matter of fact, has already reached its crowdfunded goal – but you can still support it.

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“It all started with questions: Why does the packing for a day out with the kids take so long? Why is there always so much stuff to carry around? Surely there’s an easier way? Well, now there is” the founders admit. Melissa and Dominique decided to create the Brug after talking to hundreds of parents and childcare professionals about the challenges of taking children outdoors.

It is the perfect accessory for picnics with the kids, learning and forest schools. This product is also great for playing at home. The rug will protect floors from sticky spills and messes as well. You can collect your kid’s toys in it to transport them outdoors, as well as in again, and you can use it as a storage bag too – no tidying up required!

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This product doubles up as both a bag and a rug. It’s a hard wearing, versatile, and water resistant product which you can quickly transform into a large shoulder bag. It’s easy to use and works equally well indoors and outdoors. The Brug version 2 doubles up as a 40L bag and a 150cmx150cm rug. It is machine washable, durable and 100% made of polyester. The product is equipped with duraflex buckles, pegs to the ground and an improved YKK zip. The icing on the cake, however, is the overall style: the Brug comes in dirt-resistant dark blue with a yellow or orange trim to choose from.

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The Brug meets the expectations of not only parents and their kids, but also runners, cycling fans or swimmers. Absolutely anyone can profit from the wide range of great possibilities that this smart bag offers. Fans of British wet festivals don’t have worry. This product is waterproof, so they can lounge on the rug or even shelter under it!

“The Brug version 1 was launched in 2016, funded by our own savings.” explains co-creator Dominique King. “We sold out of our first production run and had great feedback from our customers, but we knew we could make it even better. So, we’re asking for help to make the Brug version 2 an even greater success. For us, reaching our goal will mean we can raise funds to cover our manufacturer’s minimum order requirement and launch our new improved product” adds the entrepreneur.

the brug wunderlife picnic

“Double up this summer with the Brug” is something the founders are encouraging. The new, better version of the Brug means half the hassle for packing and going. Collecting items on a day out has never been so easy. Using this product is like a piece of cake. Simply throw in anything you need, scoop it up and you are ready to go. When you arrive, unzip the bag and roll up the large picnic rug. At home, you can quickly gather up all the items and hang it on a hook. With the Brug, you gain both time and space. So less mess, less stress, and definitely more fun.

Thus, if you are looking for ideas to make your life easier, you’ve found one! You can still pre-order the Brug and help Melissa and Dominique bring their product to a wide range of customers all over the world. Don’t waste your time! All early birds of the Brug are already sold out! Hurry up, the Brug for £48 (approx $60) is still waiting for you!

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