Lawn Care

Let’s face it, cutting grass is a real pain. However, where one person sees a chore, another person sees a gold mine. A teen can make a gratuitous amount in this industry seasonally.

Arts and Crafts

The creative side of a teen can shine in this industry. Paintings, jewelry, and even drawings are well sought out by those who call themselves art aficionados. Not only are they willing to purchase beautiful works of art, but they are also willing to spend big bucks to obtain something unique.

Street artist drawing a girl


Among the creative and energetic teens, there are those who are brilliant and excel at the courses they are studying. Not only can one help out a friend, but many are also willing to pay sums of money to understand the material!

Brand Ambassador

Many startups and even corporations need people to spread their brand or products. Being a brand ambassador means traveling and meeting many new people. Outgoing teens will find this job to be a perfect fit.

Homemade Pastries

Everybody loves fresh baked goods. Why not turn a love for sweets into a small business?

Homemade Pastries

Repair Shop

Almost every teen knows their way around computers, machinery, or trinkets. Duct tape is an elixir in the hands of a teenager. Set up shop to fix others’ gadgets and gizmos to make a quick buck.

Social Media Campaigns

This one comes as a no brainer. There are many social media campaigns online that need supporters. Teens, with their vast network of friends as well as daily engagement on social media, can capitalize on this opportunity.

Social media menager

Car Washing

There are still a lot of folks who love a good old fashion car wash. Roll up those sleeves and get cleaning! You’d be surprised how many people drive up for a good wash.

Baby Sitting/Animal Sitting

Adults always need someone to call on when the going gets tough. Children and pets need care nearly 24/7. Who will be there when overtime hits? The need for sitters will always stick around, and teens can reap the benefits.

Baby sitting

Personal Services/Assistant

Of all the possible self-starting jobs, this one covers a broad spectrum. There are people with disabilities that need assistance to do everyday things like buying groceries or gift wrapping. This line of work is a great opportunity for teens as it allows them to gain rapport with clients and help others out.

Teens nowadays spend most of their time on social media. It is known that adolescents, though sometimes rebellious in nature, are flooded with creativity. Why not put these skills to good use?

There are many way teens can make money, especially for those who want to learn how to run a business. By harnessing creative ideas and positive energy, teens can take advantage of a variety of self-starting jobs available to them. By experiencing these jobs, teens learn the core values of becoming an entrepreneur. Values such as motivation, perseverance, and autonomy make a person desirable in the workplace and even more so as a business owner. These values are often brought about by being industrious early on. So next time your teen says they are bored, have them give a shot at something on this list!



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