twospace work space

Everybody likes doing their job in casual spaces with a relaxed atmosphere and, of course, easy access to coffee. This is why we can spot so many people working on their laptops in every coffee shop. It’s no surprise, then, that many people prefer doing their daily job in a nice workspace that doesn’t cost them anything besides a cup of coffee they were going to buy anyway. What if this community of people could work in those spaces even during the restaurants off hours?

TwoSpace is a new startup from Australia that connects underutilized spaces with a community of entrepreneurs who are in need of a workspace. The idea is to make restaurants that are usually closed during the day available for people who prefer to work outside the office. It is a golden solution for both entrepreneurs and the restaurants since it’s a cheaper option for the first ones and some extra cash for the places that wouldn’t make any money during those hours.

Users of TwoSpace will be able to pay for a monthly subscription, which will give them access to any location from the startups’ network. TwoSpace is also going to make sure that restaurants provide all the workers’ needs. Their plan is to set up WiFi and power outlets so the laptops can be easily accommodated in any space.

The startup from Sydney has already got a lot of attention from potential users. The founders Tashi Dorjee and Rob Walker are planning to launch it in October, starting in some of  Sydneys’ local places and then expanding the business to Melbourne and Singapore, with Hong Kong being a stretch goal.


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