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Everyone has a special or favorite place in the city, where it is nice to come and see how it changes. There are some brilliant applications like Footsteps, which make sightseeing new places even easier than ever before. Sometimes there is nothing better than visiting favorite spots – it gives us the strength to overcome all obstacles, time to recall nice events, or simply a chance to take a glimpse at the building or spot we find beautiful. Of course, it is not always possible to go there, but what if we could ‘pickle’ favorite places and store them, so they are always with us?

How Does it Work?

geo pickle wall

Geo Pickle is the geolocation-based, photo-sharing app, that is also kind of a social network. It gives its users an opportunity to store a location’s photographs and update adored time lapses, started by people who also use Geo Pickle. How does it work? To pickle – which here means to create or update a picture with a present perspective – you need to download the app and then explore the real world. Choose the place you want to pickle or update the already existing one, and go there in person to take a precise photo. It’s like combining business with pleasure; just head to the spot you like and make a photo for the future. Once you’ve created a pickle, you can come back and see how it changes, even when you’re far away from the spot. It will always be available on your smartphone.

geo pickle building

It seems to be a convenient application for those who can’t live without their favorite hubs, or simply like watching a time lapse and noticing changes. It is nice to know what’s new and what’s shaking in your favorite neighborhood, yet making a timelapse on your own seems to be an enormous effort, which needs time, devotion and a high level of patience. Thanks to Geo Pickle, application users have access to crowdsourced time lapses, which can be refreshed and updated by everyone who uses Go Pickle, to make their favorite spots closer than ever before.


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