In last 15-20 years, emails have become a natural form of communication — and there’s nothing that would indicate that fact is about to change. Think how many emails you send per day, month, and year? The general image of your mailbox through years can represent not only your friends, colleagues, your personality, religious beliefs, political views, but also a wide spectrum of pictures and other vital documents — invoices, agreements, passwords etc. Your emails are an invaluable source of information about you and thus, if it’s not properly secured, it may be used unexpectedly against you.

A Matter Of Privacy

Although everybody has a password-secured mailbox, your emails can be easily read, viewed, and saved by governments and corporations from all over the world. Unfortunately, we may not be conscious of any uninvited guests reading our emails. Is there anything that can be done to protect our privacy? Something that is free and easily accessible? Yes, there is — and it’s called ProtonMail.

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ProtonMail — An Encrypted Messaging System

ProtonMail uses the method of encryption that relies on a pair of protected keys even when the server or the web is threatened. An email is encrypted in user’s browser before it is sent to a certain provider. Don’t feel discouraged when you hear the word “encrypted;” using ProtonMail doesn’t require any knowledge reserved to highly-skilled IT professionals. The whole encryption background happens behind you; as a matter of fact, you send emails just like you normally did. ProtonMail is available in English, French, Italian and Polish language.

ProtonMail Features For Free And Paid Accounts

ProtonMail offers free and paid accounts. The former gives the user the possibility to send 150 messages per day; the user has 500 MB storage space and a limited support access. The latter is divided into two sections: Plus and Visionary. Plus costs 5 Euros per month and allows the user to send 1000 messages; additionally, 2 GB of storage is provided, one custom domain is offered, and there is full support guaranteed. Visionary account costs 30 Euros per month, and it offers 20 GB storage space. The number of sendings is unlimited, and ten custom domains are offered; what is more, if you have any problems with ProtonMail, your ticket will be treated as a priority.


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