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Easy Split – Split The Bill Easier Than Ever Before!

Going out with friends and family sounds like fun. Eating, drinking, and laughing together makes you feel at ease and happy to have all these people around you. But as the time goes by, you’re getting closer to the most painful moment this evening – bill splitting. So it begins! Of course, you can ask the busy waitress to split it in a system or deal with the problem yourself using your mind or calculators – wasting precious time with those you love. Once you ask for the bill, the magic of the moment is gone.

It would be great if something could make it easier to split the bill to as many people as possible. Listen carefully, because there’s something that meets your needs – let me introduce Easy Split.

What is Easy Split?

It’s an app that uses machine learning for optical recognition of the prices. Thanks to the technology, you can split any piece of paper including prices, whether it’s a bill, an invoice, and even some handwritten pieces. You can use it not only when you dine out with friends, but also when you do shopping with someone, or go to the cinema. It doesn’t matter what’s the service. Just take a photo and split your bills quickly.

How Does It Work?

Using this app is incredibly easy. All you have to do is to download the free app at Google Play. Right now, it’s available only for Android 5.0+. If you have a different operating system, don’t worry – founders assure that when the demand rises, they will also create an iOS and Windows Phone version. We keep our fingers crossed!

Once you download the app, you don’t have to create an account to use Easy Split. Just install the app – et voila! In the beginning, you’ll see a welcoming screen showing how to use the app.

First, you simply take a picture of a bill you want to divide (the app opens your camera automatically.)

Once you took a photo the application shows all the prices with a frame around them – now you’ll be able to tap and choose the items you want to pay for.

Then, at the bottom of the screen, you can add the number of splits and start tapping prices per split.

Now you’ll get a subtotal for all of the people.

What if you and your friends want to divide one price (let’s take a bottle of wine for instance)? Press on its price a little bit longer and divide it to all of your friends who enjoyed the great taste of wine.

Easy Split can make your family or friends meeting even better than usual. Cognitive exercises are something your brain needs, but why not do them when it’s the best time for it? Meeting friends is also good for your psyche – don’t forget about that and don’t bother numbering and splitting the bill. Enjoy the time with those you love, use Easy Split!

Tine and Wim, founders of Easy Split
Emilia Pluta

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