GIR Bottles Stoppers

Have you experienced that frustrating moment when you recork the bottle and it just won’t fit inside the fridge? GIR (Get It Right), the company from New York who “design amazing stuff that makes humans happy,” came with the idea to produce Bottle Stoppers, with an airtight silicone seal and a low-profile design that allows them to fit in all sorts of tight spaces.

After reviewing hundreds of bottle stoppers (from the plain to the pretentious), GIR couldn’t find a product which combines a remarkable design with superior functionality. They have decided to create their own product – three low-profile stoppers that are designed to fit any bottles.

Let’s take a moment to discuss the science. The optimal storage conditions for oxidation-prone liquids, like wine and olive oil, are highly restrictive. They need to be oxygen free, have low-light and be humidity controlled. Yet, sometimes you just need something simple to pop in the bottle for a few minutes or overnight. These stoppers are for those practical moments when ease-of-use outweighs everything else. They are extremely useful and multifunctional kitchen tool, fitting to bottles of wine, champagne, beer, cooking oils, cider, soda, mixers, salad dressing, and much more.

GIR Bottles Stoppers

Two of the stoppers have hidden corks and an elegant outer body that hugs any bottleneck. The third is a simple, streamlined design, inspired by our silicone storage lids. They each feature dozens of geometric facets that reflect ambient light and make a modern, elegant statement. Designing these stoppers, however, was about more than just making the product look awesome. Each cork has several fins that provide a multi-stage airtight seal. They are tight but not impossible to remove. Stoppers also allow you to store bottles on their sides without worrying about drips.

These silicon stoppers have, last but not least, a minimalistic geometrical design. GIR manufactures three models of stoppers: Geo Drip, Fractal Tower, Solar Spike. They each come in seven colors: red, blue, green, black, burgundy, white and navy blue. You can buy Geo Drip and Fractal Tower for $8 each and Solar Spike for $5, or order a whole set for $20.

GIR Bottles Stoppers

Thus, if you are an enthusiast of practical and simple solutions in your kitchen, these stoppers are dedicated to you. Nothing could be easier than getting these vital tools. GIR is looking for backers on Kickstarter now. Feel free to support their campaign.


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