CocoCrack Opener

Everybody loves exotic fruits, especially coconuts. They are refreshing and healthy but opening them can be hurtful and even frustrating. Probably, you have tried plenty of untypical methods to get inside this tricky fruit. Thanks to Italian entrepreneur and a serial problem solver, Valerio Canetti, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. He has come up with the idea to create CocoCrack – the new, innovative coconut opener.

How does this product differ from other tools available on the market? First of all, CocoCrack is easy for everyone to use and does not require physical effort. This tool is built with materials approved by HACCP and, therefore, it is hygienic, aseptic and easy to wash. CocoCrack is totally safe: no more wounds or accidents! In addition, the opener is portable. You will always be able to take it with you.

Likewise, Valerio has created a second tool – CocoCrack Cutter which allows you cut the shell in small portions and then remove the pulp. So, in a few simple steps, you can open the fruit and enjoy the delicious taste of coconut.


With these tools, you can open the coconut in three simple steps. Firstly, find the coconut’s softest eye and insert the CocoCrack Opener. Secondly, twist the opener until the shell breaks. Thirdly, use the CocoCrack Cutter to cut the coconut in smaller pieces and extract its pulp. After that, you can simply enjoy your delicious, fresh and juicy coconut. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Besides, the same product has a different design! CocoCrack is available in three juicy colors: orange, yellow and green. Remember quality, convenience, and reliability are never out of fashion. So, if you are falling in love with these Italian products, support the project on Kickstarter as fast as possible!


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