robot zume pizza

Zume pizza is a new startup with the potential to revolutionize the restaurant industry. The chairperson and co-founder of the company, Alex Garden, claims that it is going to become “the Amazon of food.”

The idea is to reduce the costs of labor by using robots to do the easy, repetitive tasks such as spreading sauce on pizza or putting it into the oven. Not only is it a cheaper solution, but it’s also faster and safer, since pizza ovens are usually as hot as 800 degrees.

Robots in Zume are capable of doing more and more tasks, but it doesn’t mean that the human workers are losing their jobs. The Company founders have come up with a golden mean for this problem. Thanks to the robots, they can open more and more places, employing the exact same number of people as they did in the beginning.

This futuristic pizza place may soon become even more innovative, thanks to their delivery system idea. The plan is to provide delivery trucks with 56 ovens that will bake the pizza just before getting to the client. Not only will this shorten the delivery time, it will also let customers enjoy pizza that just came from the oven, all without going to a restaurant.

The startup from Californian, with Julia Collins as a co-founder and a collaboration with Swiss robot maker ABB, has great potential for making pizza deliveries a journey to the future.


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