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Do you know that 7 million people die every year worldwide because of pollution-related illnesses? The World Health Organization (WHO) found that 92% of the population breathes air with unhealthy levels of pollutants. According to this report, one in every nine deaths per year – about six million total – can be attributed to breathing in harmful concentrations of these particles. To illustrate, breathing smog is equal to smoking toxic cigarets! Thus, this is the last call to take action.

But, don’t panic! We’ve already known how to make drinking water out of thin air, create paper without trees or turn leaves into plates, so smog is just another challenge to face. The Italian startup from Milan – Banale – has created the ultimate breathing mask – Silver Mask. This product fights airborne pathogens and pollutants using a washable shell with an antibacterial silver mesh and replaceable active carbon filters.

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Silver Mask’s filtering technology is composed of five layers to filter out harmful allergens, oxidants, bacteria, and pollutants. It ensures that even the smallest particles, like PM 10 and PM 2.5 (these particulate matters are released from vehicles, for instance), will not pass through the mask.

Silver Mask comes in three customizable types: Sport, Urban, and Strong. The first is dedicated for sports aficionados. Are you a city cyclist? Take the sport filter and take advantage of a low breathing resistance. The second meets the needs of people who are living in industrialized areas with lower air quality like Los Angeles, Beijing, Delhi, Mexico City or Tehran. The third is suggested for those who frequently face air quality warnings and need to stay fully protected all day.

With Silver Mask, you can feel safe. Banale’s product includes affordable and interchangeable filters. These will never stop filtering; they will only get more and more choked, as a vacuum cleaner does. There are many variables to establish a precise filter life but, for daily use, the creators suggest to change a filter every month. The mask also contains the silver element (Ag) which is naturally antibacterial, killing harmful pathogens without any harmful side effects. It’s also antistatic for a comfortable fit and easily collects moisture. Moreover, you can hand-wash your shell whenever you want without compromising its antibacterial function.

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Last but not least, the Silver Mask adapts to every face shape and allows you breathe easily. The icing on the cake – the mask comes in three colors – white, blue, black – with laces in seven colors: blue, black, white, reflective gray, orange, yellow and pink.

Currently, Banale is trying to launch their product on Kickstarter. You can easily gain the Silver Mask and support this absolutely right and helpful campaign. Pre-order an early bird for €19 (approx $20), customize your Silver Mask and finally breathe freely!


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