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Google has just released their new, smart messaging app Google Allo. The market for messaging apps is already quite crowded with different platforms like WhatsApp, Messanger or Telegram. This makes it quite hard for Google to get a lot of attention from customers who are already using at least two or more messaging apps on their smartphones. In this situation, Google had to come up with something special. Let’s see if they did…

New Options

Allo is offering some new options, indeed. The main feature of the app is that it learns your way of texting and, in time, allows you to just tap the “ready-made” answer. This might be quite helpful if you want to respond quickly while being on the go. The application is adjusting to your style all the time so, the more you use it, the more accurate the proposed answer will be.

The second novelty offered by Google Allo is the “Google Assistant” feature, which lets you google things, without leaving the chat window, and send the link to friends immediately. You can also chat with the Assistant in a separate window.

How it works

Let’s say you’re planning to make a picnic with your friends but you’re not sure if the weather is going to be nice. You don’t have to open google to check that anymore. You just text “@google” and type for example “weather in NY.” A small window with weather forecast will immediately show up in the conversation. This works the same way when looking for a restaurant, or simply sending a funny video.

Google Allo’s new options seem to be something fresh and fun. Even though they might not be revolutionary, some of the features may attract many new users. Taping messages and the fast Google Assistant are likely to shorten the time of texting, which is a significant advantage for a society where everybody is constantly in a rush.


Update: According to Edward Snowden, all the data is going to be stored and can be made available to police upon request. All the smart features offered by Google Allo might, in fact, be a new form of surveillance technology. To find out more, visit this article.

Image Credits: By Google Inc, Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


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