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The “star” of yesterday’s Google event in San Francisco was, of course, the Pixel phone but the company has also presented other, interesting devices which will mainly assist users in their homes. In this article, we will peer at all the novelties offered by Google.

Let’s start with the Pixel, which was also introduced first at the conference. Pixels are claimed to be “the first phones designed by Google inside and out.” The feature that really gains the attention is the camera. With 12.3 megapixels and an f/2.0 aperture, it is even better than the one provided in iPhone 7. Furthermore, every Pixel user gets access to unlimited storage for all the photos and videos. Besides that, every Googles’ smartphone has a build in Google Assistant and a battery that is supposed to last the whole day. Pixel is also compatible with the Daydream View headset. What separates this VR headset from the others? In essence, the choice of fabric. Googles’ Daydream is made of microfiber material and is inspired by the stuff people actually wear.

Google Wifi is a device which is likely to change the way we perceive routers. This well designed, cylindric router is created to handle multiple devices streaming, downloading, and sharing at the same time. You can simply place two or three of them in your house and be sure that they cover the WiFi signal everywhere. The cost of one is $129, and $299 for a pack of three.

Google has also launched and update for their media streaming device, Chromecast. Chromecast Ultra provides the users with 4K, HDR image, and Dolby Vision. This $69 tool is supposed to make streaming videos and movies to your TV a more pleasant experience, letting you watch your favorite series in the best possible quality.

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The last presented device was Google Home, similar to Amazons’ Echo voice-activated speaker, powered by Google Assistant. You can ask it for traffic data, weather reports, recipes, your daily schedule or just request to play a certain song or album. The only concerns are relating to privacy issues. Even though Google Home is provided with a button that cuts off the microphone we can never be sure about it, right? Besides this fact, it seems to be an interesting home gadget for any tech aficionado.

This is everything that Google has presented to us. The devices are now available to pre-order. Soon, we will be able to review not only the ideas behind these gadgets but also check out how they work in real life. We can’t wait!


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