How to Turn Leaves into Plates?


Let’s face it – the human population is in serious trouble. According to the United Nations Environmental Program, between 22% and 43% of the plastic used worldwide is disposed of in landfills, where its resources are wasted, the material takes up valuable space and it blights communities.

Every 2 seconds, woodland the size of a soccer field is cut down. This means up to 13 million hectares of wood every year are deforested for producing pulp out of them – this equates to the size of England! What’s more, we face ever-growing mountains of garbage: more than 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) tons per year, equalling the size of the Mount Everest.

leaf republic, a company from Munich in Germany, firmly believes that the time has come to learn a lesson from these facts. That’s why they came up with an idea to create plates 100% made of leaves and reduce plastic waste. This product is fully renewable and fully biodegradable. After years of designing, prototyping, and testing, the German team has designed outdoor tableware which can degrade in every household’s compost.

How does it work? The bottom and top layer are made from leaves, stitched together with fibers from palm leaves. In between, you will find a layer of paper made from leaves. This product doesn’t contain plastics, synthetical additives, oil, glue, coloring or chemicals. Only leaves. Additionally, the bowl is biodegradable in only 28 days. In comparison, a plastic plate stays in nature 730,000 days. Moreover, those dishes are waterproof.

How are they made? The whole process lies in leaf republic’s hands; from the first sketches to renderings, from 3D prints of prototypes to CNC-milling of the tools. The company constructed their first semi-automatic prototyping machine and these products are fabricated and strictly controlled for quality in Germany, near Munich.

Thanks to success during this year’s campaign on Kickstarter, leaf republic was able to automate production and delivery leaf products to their clients. Now, a set of outdoor tableware is available on Amazon. You can order trays (dimension 23.3×9.5) and plates in three sizes S – diameter 18 cm, M- diameter 21 cm, and L – diameter 25 cm. Each product costs 9.99 € (approx $11). The time has come to create a greener world!

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