An early morning, you have to out to work, but you cannot find your keys. An urgent phone call and you have to make a note. Of course, you don’t know where is a pen. Finally, an important meeting and one of your earring is missing. Are you familiar with those situations? It looks like Maison Wasabi, a furniture design company knows how to resolve this problem. They have created KYOTOMOJI Storage Box which helps to organize your valuable things.

KYOTOMOJI Box is a stylish and functional storage box that can be used anywhere on a daily basis. This piece adds aesthetically to space and delivers a high level of functionality. This product makes your life easier and more comfortable. KYOTOMOJI allows you to keep an eye on all your belongings. A furniture suits to all kind of space: office, living room, kitchen, kids room, bedroom, and even kitchen.

Each handmade box is made to last and constructed from 100% sustainably, responsibly grown, and locally sourced bamboo, which is naturally water-resistant and easy to clean. It’s perfect for any desktop with a special built-in cable manager so charging cables never get lost or tangled. KYOTOMOJI is also customizable. Choose and unlock various faces (COOL!, WOW!, HAPPY!), colors (white, black, blue, pink, mint, and yellow), and materials combination (felt finish, leather finish) of your furniture.

KYOTOMOJI’s team boasts a level of functionality seldom seen with today’s furniture designs. They took under consideration various customers’ needs and they created a universal piece which satisfies the most fastidious tastes. KYOTOMOJI Storage Box has already flown past its funding target over on Kickstarter. Still is a chance to get rid of your clutter. Just pre-order an early bird of this product for 49 €.


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