road navdy

We all know how dangerous it is to use the phone while driving. No matter if we’re reading a text, answering a call or simply looking at the navigation, it is distracting us and we are not as focused on the road as we should be. Navdy has came up with a golden solution to this problem. You can now concentrate on driving and stay updated with all your messages and phone calls, while having your eyes still looking on the road ahead of you.

How does it work? You put the portable heads-up display on your cars’ dashboard and, basically, anything that would appear on your phones’ screen is now shown on the transparent screen in front of you. Everything is projected like it’s two meters ahead of you, so you can still have your eyes focused on the road. You can have your texts read out loud, answer using Siri and make commands just by the swipe of your hand.

This device really makes you feel like you’re in the future. The cost of such feeling, unfortunately, starts at $799. Considering the fact that it does anything that your smartphone is also capable of, but just places it on the road in front of you, it might seem like an expensive gadget. Yet, if it is going to increase our safety on the road, it is probably worth it.


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