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TravelBank is a new startup which has just raised $10 million in funding. This success has been achieved thanks to a fantastic idea which will help managing travel budgets in companies around the world.

The TravelBanks’ App makes setting a travel budget child’s play. Now, there’s no more pain with the time-consuming prices research and money wasted on too expensive journeys and hotels. The intelligent algorithm, which takes into account airfare, ground transportation, meals and even local parking, will to the job for you!

After setting the budget, employees can control their spendings on the bars which change their colors from green, through yellow, to red when they are close to going over the budget. Besides making managing travel expenses super easy, TravelBank also gives an opportunity to reward employees who beat their budget. This sounds like a fair deal for both the employer and the employee, who can cooperate in lowering the companys’ spendings and making them more relevant.

You can now download the free application on your Android on iPhone and check out how easy it is to stay within budget!



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