Ori-Kit Brings Japanese Simplicity Into Your Kitchen


Are you sick and tired of using many tools while cooking? Does your cutlery take too much space in your drawers? Do barbecues annoy you, due to carrying heavy kitchen supplies every single time? If these problems sound familiar to you, it looks like you need the Ori-Kit. This is the most compact cooking tools for the kitchen, as well as outdoors. Replace your former kitchen tools with this six simple origami-based pieces. Find out why you will not regret!

ori-kit honey spoon

Ori-Kit was created by an artist and a designer, Anas Elshafey. He is a talented origami expert who enjoys folding papers to make creative shapes. He noticed that available kitchen tool are not user-friendly, so he decided to use his passion to make people’s life easier. This complex origami set contains only six pieces, but this makes this device indispensable. The kit includes Ori-Spoon, Ori-Turner, Ori-Funnel, Ori-Colander and gives you endless possibilities.

Ori-Spoon consists of three measuring spoons each with two different sizes to measure solids and liquids. Ori-Turner will be helpful during turning food while cooking or serving like pancakes, bacon, ham, hamburgers, fish, potatoes, eggs and cookies. Ori-Funnel allows you to easily transfer liquid or fine-grained substances into containers with a small opening without spilling. Last but not least, thanks to Ori-Colander draining water or oil from canned goods or removing pieces and pulping out of your drinks never was so easy.

ori-kit colander

How does Ori-Kit work? Using this device is a piece of cake. Just fold it and use it. No more steps required. Thanks to its flat shape this complex kit is easy to store and doesn’t take much space. Besides, you can wash Ori-Kit like normal or load it in the dishwasher. You save your time and money. You also use less water, and at the same time, you protect the environment. With Ori-Kit’s unique flat design, you will not waste food anymore. What’s more, you can use these smart tools while grilling. These can handle temperatures up to 260°C/500°F.

Ori-Kit is dedicated to those who care about our environment. This product has no harmful effects on nature. It is made out of teflon and silicone. Thus, these kitchen tools are not only durable but also eco-friendly. Last but not least, Ori-Kit is portable, lightweight and comes in a minimalistic pack.

Currently, these smart tools can be yours, only what you have to do is support Ori-Kit on Kickstarter. An early bird is available for $27! Time has come to simplify your kitchen and save time, money, and finally space! Don’t hesitate and pre-order one for you!

ori-kit pack half


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