white sugar dispenser purezed

“It happened on a warm summer evening that a mathematician and a designer, two characters who could not be more different, treated themselves with two cappuccinos to finally call it a day at sunset. With a thoughtful look at the sugar dispenser, the mathematician brought up a question: How is it possible to get a portion of sugar, with the same amount, each time and to have something catchy for the eye?” That’s how the story of pureZed has begun.

The German startup pureZed Design has come up with an idea to create the world’s first and finest sugar dispenser with an everlasting and built-in measuring system. Its unique double bend, reinvented with a timeless design, makes sure that you get the same hygienic amount of sugar (one teaspoon) every time you use it, right until it’s empty.

pureZed combines original style with functionality. Undoubtedly, the company offers you a piece of art which perfectly suits any contemporary interior. Thanks to its unusual shape, this sugar dispenser not only introduces modernity to your kitchen but also allows you to keep your home neat, clean and organised. Now,  you will no longer suffer unaesthetic sugar spillage on the table! That’s how pureZed (r)evolutionizes how you present and serve sugar. Additionally, pureZed comes in the following three colors: Snow-White, Rose-Red and Wicked-Witch.

colors sugar dispenser purezed

pureZed Design has just launched its campaign on Kickstarter. Juergen, Michael and the team behind them are waiting for your support. Feel free to help boost this unique and well-engineered sugar dispenser. You can pre-order an early bird for $18 only! It can be a great gift for someone you love. Undoubtedly, for a present like that, you will receive some sugar.


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