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SneakersWash is an example a startup crazy about shoes and boots, which was entered as a brilliant inclusion as one of top 10 most inspiring fashion startups. The company launched in spring 2015 and its main aim is to repair, renovate and personalize footwear. Their main idea is to promote the idea of having an outstanding and unique pair of shoes and, at the same time, it supports the idea of upcycling, which puts an emphasis on reusing goods and consuming less.

SneakersWash History

The whole story began in 2015 when a group of enthusiasts wanted to solve problems connected to refreshing and customizing shoes and boots. Their internet research showed that there was a trend to personalize shoes. However, many people simply didn’t know where to look for help and, while they wanted to renovate their footwear, the information about professionals in this field was unavailable.

SneakersWash personalized shoe

The Snowball Effect

When SneakersWash appeared, the need to satisfy people, in regards to their worn out footwear, was finally achieved. The company didn’t need to spend much money on advertising campaigns because so many people told each other about it that the number of orders forced managers to find more employees. Success was readily achieved and, two years after SneakersWash entered the market, the regular number of orders reached a few hundred per month.

How SneakersWash Personalizes

In time, SneakersWash realized that the interest in personalization is becoming even more popular. At the beginning, clients were more willing to refresh and repair their shoes and now this tendency has changed. In the winter, women most commonly need to obtain a standard renovating service, such as adding new heel tips and cleaning. In the spring and summer, on the other hand, men appear on a regular basis, delivering their beloved shoes so they can be given new life. In both cases, these men and women are young people, yet the elderly are also a fraction of the bigger whole, as they ask for a regular cobbling service.

SneakersWash paints

The Renovating Process

The whole process begins with the first SneakersWash analysis of what can and cannot be done with a certain pair of shoes. Some stains cannot be removed, while others may change the color or texture of a shoe, such as when a few drops of diesel fell down on it while filling up a car. If a client is made aware of the possibilities, the shoes are cleaned. First of all, the interior part is cleaned, followed by the outer layer. When the process of cleaning is finished, the pair has to wait when until they are dry and ready for the next steps.
Here, brushes of different density and components are used. Every pair needs a slightly different set of tools to ensure the best possible results. The customization process requires every step to go exactly according to the plan because the timing and the order are crucial. SneakersWash offers both neon and standard colors but, better yet, when the desired paint is unavailable, a new one is mixed on demand.

SneakersWash workshop

The Future Of SneakersWash

SneakersWash is based in Warsaw and, for now, there is no plan to open new workshops in other cities in Poland. However, the company aims to gain new clients offering the online order service. The whole process of collecting footwear from a client has been simplified with an on-demand courier company, helping to avoid filling up shipping details or standing in a queue in a post office. A client gives a package with shoes to a courier, and the company takes care of shipping order; when SneakersWash is done, it is sent back to the client. This service is gaining popularity since it was launched at the end of 2016, with new clients appearing readily, regardless of location.

The Modern Cobbler

This 21st-century cobbler combines the traditional service that exists from the centuries of mastering this craftsmanship, while also adding their own innovative aspect of customization and non-standard renovations. Shoes are often treated as a part of one’s identity and the colors, prints and images matter. Finally, this modern idea is supported by upcycling and encouraging people to consume less. The service offers a way to pay attention to your individual preferences and choices, which can be presented in an innovative way with your footwear. SneakersWash is constantly developing its service, and a lot of new products are being tested, to further expand its offer and make every pair of shoes special.

SneakersWash logo


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