drop eshower

Hamwells, a startup from Netherlands, has just raised €1,2 million for their innovative, sustainable e-Shower. Hamwells’ product saves up to 80% of energy and 90% of water. The secret lies in the so-called Refresh Cycles, which filter and purify each drop of water seven times!

After launching the product in 2015, Hamwells is now ready to accept international orders, with the cost of one e-Shower being €2,890. As you might already suspect, this is not just an ordinary shower. It offers some additional improvements, like a high-powered pump, allowing for a high-pressure shower, speakers, aromas and even steam. It is also going to have apps, the first of which enables e-Shower users to check the weather forecast, so they can plan what they are going to wear.

Now, the company wants to focus on the U.S, since their product might be very helpful in regions such as California, which faces droughts practically every year. Reducing the amount of water used under the shower might be a huge help in better water management in the future.

All in all, the e-Shower is obviously not a device that anybody can afford, but analyzing the fact that you can pay significantly less for water each month means it might be quite an economical solution, especially if you spend a lot of time under the shower. However, for now, it might seem to be an exclusive “gadget”. Maybe, in a few years, we will all be able to save water using this eco-friendly technology.


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