Take Your Child on an Educational Trip With Orboot

Undoubtedly, the most efficient way of acquiring knowledge is through play and exploration. Nowadays, it is not easy to satisfy a child’s curiosity. PlayShifu, an early learning focused startup which comprises the group of passionate parents, knows how to use technology in for learning in developmental years accurately. They have created Orboot – the augmented reality globe that teaches children about countries and cultures from around the world.

How does Orboot work? The main idea behind this smart device is connecting reality with virtuality. Orboot is a beautiful designed 10” globe that highlights every country in the world. To use it, just scan the globe with a smartphone or tablet, using the Orboot App, and enjoy your journey around the world. This product is an accurate and creative representation of the world. It has culminated from a wealth of research and representation to give an experience that will help young minds grow.

Orboot allows your child to gain an extensive knowledge about culture, inventions, monuments, natural wonders, map, weather and cuisine from all the countries of the world. It has hundreds of detailed 3D models, fantastic voice-overs and local flavors of music, giving an immersive experience to both kids and adults. You can be sure, this is not a waste of time (and money).

The device contains plenty of inquisitive audio stories. Each highlight on the globe has its own story to tell. The stories are exciting and vivacious. Between the lines, the stories contain essential educational information, facts and figures from around the world. Besides this, the globe provides your kids with hundreds of amazing 3D visualizations across eight categories (animals, monuments, food, inventions, nature, culture, maps and weather), mini-games, puzzles and quizzes. Drag the food that you think you’ll love to eat, move the slider to the year to see the weather or bring the states together to see the topography of Brazil. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

The animators took up the task of creating a detailed 3D model for every highlight and achieved the tremendous task of animating them on the sphere successfully. The coders made sure they created excellent performance across all kinds of iOS and Android devices.

Currently, PlayShifu is raising funds on Kickstarter. They have almost achieved their crowdfunded goal. An early bird costs only $29 (this version includes one globe and three app categories – animals, monuments, and food). There is no more enjoyable way to absorb the world around you. Your kids need the right tools during their childhood! Now they have Orboot! Don’t hesitate and pre-order one for them!

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