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Hulking Out on Social Media

Eight Social Media Tips from Twitter's @DrunkHulk   The new year is generally an opportunity to take a look at…

3 years ago

myZindagi Startup Will Save Thousands of People!

Some countries still struggle to improve the access to the public healthcare for its citizens. An instant and reliable diagnosis…

4 years ago

Take Your Child on an Educational Trip With Orboot

Undoubtedly, the most efficient way of acquiring knowledge is through play and exploration. Nowadays, it is not easy to satisfy a…

4 years ago

Sgnl – Make Phone Calls with Your Fingertip

If you soon see people with a finger in their ears do not be surprised. It isn’t a science fiction…

4 years ago

What a Bottle That Filters Water All by Itself?

Ecomo Inc., a technology startup from California, has created a device to please all healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. They came up…

4 years ago

What Do LED Lamps and Wi-Fi Have in Common?

Are you sick and tired of unstable Wi-Fi? It seems like you don't have to worry anymore because, Knbor Technology…

4 years ago

This Waterjet Achieves Detail Impossible by Hand

Check out what this device can do!

4 years ago

Say Goodbye to Boring Plank Exercises

Since now, no excuses!

4 years ago