Good news for all the marijuana aficionados! It looks like the famous San Francisco-based e-smoking startup Pax Labs is going to change your lives – and all for the better!

The “Apple of vaping,” as the startup is often dubbed due to their inventive approach to e-smoking – the release of their Pax 2 vaporizer this last summer being their latest great achievement – is back. Its newest device, called Pax Era, is a high-tech gadget designed to be for the marijuana smokers what Pax 2 was to the fans of smoking tobacco.

How it works is it’s basically an e-cigarette designed for smoking marijuana. What’s worth taking note of, though, is that just like its predecessor, Pax 2, Pax Era is an amazingly well-designed, high-tech device. Not only can it be controlled remotely with the app on your phone, but it’s also absolutely configurable, and to that – from the get-go! The “well-designed” part is also to be taken seriously here: there’s a reason that Pax Labs are called what they’re called, the “Apple of vaping.” To extend the comparison further, their new device would be an “iPhone 7 of vaping,” I guess – and that’s just what it is, the single most stylish gadget on the e-smokers’ market.

The Pax Era is now available in stores worldwide, as well as on the Pax Labs online store here.

Image Credits: Pax Labs


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