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The Fantom Wallet Combines Style With Functionality

This product could be the next James Bond gadget! Ansix Designs, a group of Canadian mechanical engineers, have created a new, slim, quick access wallet called the Fantom, which is available in three different sizes and can be finished in either aluminum or carbon fiber. The wallet fans out your cards with a simple flick. It is a high-quality product that is both affordable and useful. Ansix Designs believes in the power of crowdfunding. Therefore, they are raising funds for its product on Kickstarter. Actually, their campaign going pretty well. Here you will find out why.

The Fantom Wallet is not only capable of carrying your credit cards and providing quick access to them, but it allows you to carry coins, keys, SD cards and anything else slim enough to drop into the integrated pocket. The instant access ensures the ergonomic thumb lever. It is designed for one-handed operation. One flick of your thumb and your cards are fanned out, ready to select.

The Wallet is equipped with RFID/NFC blocking. Thanks to this, the gadget will dampen signals for retracted cards, reducing the risk of being activated, selected and copied. Once the lever is pulled, the card will be exposed and ready to use at the transit turnstile or making a tap payment all, without removing the card from the wallet. With the Fantom Wallet’s integrated quick card slot, you can easily withdraw your top card with one swift motion. This is a one-handed operation. The Fantom 7 Wallet is only 0.3” (8mm), just 0.08” (2mm) thicker than the cards it’s holding. Simply put, this is the thinnest wallet ever made.

Besides this, the product is a featherweight. The Carbon Fiber Fantom 7 Wallet weighs exactly 1 ounce. The company used the same materials as aircraft and race cars to make its product as light as possible. The result? The Fantom Wallet has the same weight as a single slice of bread! Additionally, this wallet holds coins up to 0.12″ (3mm) in thickness. The coins are secured in using the thumb lever as a door. In addition to coins, the holder can be used to store spare keys, SD cards, and USB drives.

The Fantom Wallet is available in four different anodized aluminum colors and carbon fiber. Three sizes are available to suit your needs. The Fantom Wallet can be optioned with a coin compartment to store coins, SD cards, SIM cards and keys, or a titanium money clip to hold your cash. Maybe you think that easy access means a lack of security? Nothing can be further from the truth! The Fantom Wallet is carefully engineered so that the cards will not fall out, even when the cards are fanned out or if the wallet isn’t full. The cards only come out when you need them.

You can easily pre-order the quick access wallet via Kickstarter with pledges starting from just $44 and make your life easier. The creators are convinced that “when you have the right things on hand; it becomes easier to adapt between work and life’s adventures. From your morning commute to a tropical downpour, Fantom Wallets let you roam more freely. No more pocket bulge. Choose the perfect Fantom Wallet your pocket deserves”. These designers certainly aren’t wrong!

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