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Who of you, dear readers, promised to introduce healthy habits into your diet? Please, raise your hand. Yes, probably many of us, but let’s face it – preparing fresh food every single day is time-consuming. Craig Wenger and David Turover got the same experience when they wanted to prepare a salad. The never-ending chopping drew them crazy, so they designed a product which allows them to make salad in only 60 seconds!

They have started testing the efficiencies, refining the method, producing a few prototypes and, finally, they have figured out the perfect way to streamline the salad making process. Voila! Introducing the all new 60-second salad maker. Finally, a fast, easy, virtually mess-free way to enjoy a healthy salad. The 60-second salad device is designed to hold all of your ingredients. The unique slits take the hassle out of rinsing and straining and allow you to chop the ingredients all at once.

bowl 60 second salad maker

Using this salad maker is like a piece of cake. Cut the slits in one direction, then rotate the wave lid for a perfect, no mess cross cut. In just seconds, your ingredients are all perfectly chopped and your garden fresh salad is ready to eat. Never dirty a cutting board again! You can use your 60-second salad to make a healthy fruit salad and to cut everything you need for chicken salad all at once.

60 seconds salad maker

The device is also easy-to-wash. Just put it in your dishwasher. The finished product will be injection molded from BPA-free, food grade materials. The top will be made of clear, transparent BPA-free polycarbonate, while the cutting base is a light green BPA-free HDPE (cutting board material).

cut 60 second salad maker

Currently, the creators of 60 Second Salad Maker are crowdfunding their product on Kickstarter. You can pre-order an early bird copy of the product for $14 and begin a new healthy life. Just strain, slice, serve, and repeat! If you cannot wait for this product, you can purchase a different salad maker on Amazon.


  1. You have to click on the light blue ‘kickstarter’ in the article above. It’s a project through that. Will be released in May, I believe. Good Luck. 🙂

    • The salad maker is available in almost all Europen countries, US, Australia, Brazil, China, Israel, Canada, as well. The shipping price in Canada is $8. Thus, to sum up, one salad maker will cost you $14 plus $8.


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