Photographies are magical items which make us remember all the precious moments in our lives. Why not make it look professional and really sharp no matter where you are and what is the object ­­– family member, model, or beautiful scenery. With this system, designed by Lomography, you can always take an excellent photo; you have all the equipment right in your pocket! How to do it? It is all possible without carrying multiple lenses because now you can do it all with Neptune Convertible Art Lens System.


What is It?

It’s the lens system which offers unlimited stylistic possibilities. Neptune Convertible Art Lens System gives you the ideal tools and much more for complete creative freedom, whether you’re capturing street, fashion, nature, portraiture, or just the beautiful simplicity of everyday life. It’s the single lens system that consists of three interchangeable lenses, each of which can be attached to the lens base to shoot at a fixed focal length. What is more, everyone who uses Neptune Convertible Art Lens System can switch through the range of apertures and use special drop-in aperture plates to create delicate bokeh shapes at larger apertures. Using this system makes you able to achieve many shooting styles.


Neptune Convertible Art Lens offers you countless options to fulfill your artistic and creative dreams. In fact, it delivers prime-lens optical quality while offering a choice of three different focal lengths. Should you want to capture beautiful architecture, street, and urban scenes, use Thalassa 3.5/35mm. If you’re more into fashion, rely on the versatile 50mm focal length of Despina 2.8/50mm designed for fashion, editorial, and everyday type of pictures. When you want to take a perfect portrait of your friends, use Proteus 4.0/80mm Art Lens and capture people and beautiful nature that surrounds you.


The Neptune Convertible Art Lens is small, compact, and the only thing you need in your bag. It’s a handy device which can be used for all of the photographies you want to take, no matter when and where your creativity takes you, without carrying heavy loads on your back!


The device is available in Canon EF, Nikon F, or Pentax K mount. It’s compatible with a broad range of other cameras using adapters from Lomography.

You can back this project on Kickstarter and get an early bird of Neptune Convertible Art Lens system – an ideal solution for photographers and videographers everywhere. It is worth it!


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