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In the age of growing foreign brands and mass consumption of identical clothing, the tendency to focus on local products is becoming more popular with every year. Not only do people try to express themselves through the clothes they wear; they are also becoming more conscious consumers who pay attention to the country of production, the aspect of low stock, and wearing desirable, one-of-a-kind pieces that are available locally. In one of our articles, you can read about 10 most inspiring fashion startups, but some small businesses exist even longer than the concept of the startup itself. Let’s take a look at one of the examples of an inspiring and prosperous small business — it’s called Livia Clue, and it’s famous for its stunning clothes for women.

The Timeless Beauty

Livia Clue is a Polish company, who specializes in producing dresses, skirts, and tunics. All products are made locally, in Katowice, in the southern Poland; Livia Clue was founded in 2009 by Liwia Kluza-Pełka; every single piece is designed to emphasize the inherent beauty and confidence through wearing a spectacular state-of-art clothing.

Livia Clue dress

The Multitude Of Patterns And Designs

The dresses are sewn in different shapes, and the vast majority of fabrics is used to fulfill the clients’ expectations to satisfy each woman’s need to look gorgeous in Livia Clue products. From short to long; from laces and frills to plain and minimal patterns; from discreet bows to the absence of extras — it’s all available in the company’s offer. The aim of Livia Clue is to deliver the timeless beauty for every woman; therefore, the potential was appreciated by many Polish celebrities. What is more, Livia Clue was the main producer of clothing for “Mayday 2” performance. The group of loyal fans of this brand is constantly growing because of the uniqueness of style which, with understated elegance, reflect the current trends; moreover, a local company is supported by fair-trade rules.

Livia Clue And #WhoMadeMyClothes Challenge

Livia Clue takes part in the Fashion Revolution, which is a global movement supporting the clear rules of employment and treatment of employees in the industry. A customer is asked to take a photo depicting a person with the clothing tag at hand and asking the manufacturer a question “Who Made My Clothes?” The aim of the Fashion Revolution is to direct people’s attention to the conditions in which their clothes are made, to make tailors’ compensation reasonable, and to provide the suitable workplace for them. All in all, if a customer decides to buy a piece of clothes, not only the company is supported, but also the whole ethical background behind it. Many people are becoming more aware spending their money on supporting the fair trade, so that kind of challenges help to increase the customers’ awareness.

Livia Clue team
Livia Clue team (Liwia Kluza-Pelka the founder of the business stands second from the left)

The Spring Collection

Currently, Livia Clue offers the beautiful spring collection. A combination of fresh floral patterns, beautiful colors, A-shaped or tight-fitting skirts or dresses can be found in their offer. Every woman can find something suitable for herself and feel the power of her internal beauty which is underlined by wearing exceptional clothes on a regular basis.

Livia Clue dress


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