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Undoubtedly, spring is getting closer. Nothing makes people happier than sunshine and green trees around. Yet it is also a good time to refresh your wardrobe. Long sweaters, thick coats, and heavy boots should be changed for flowery dresses, airy t-shirts, and comfy shoes. Finding that last one is no piece of cake. SUAVS, a footwear startup from Austin in Texas, has met the customer’s demand and expectations. They are dedicated to creating comfortable, lifestyle footwear for men and women on the go.

Monxi Garza, designer and founder of SAUVS, came up with the idea to create The Zilker during her trip across Europe. She realized she needed a comfortable pair of shoes she could wear daily, on any occasion. That’s how these breathable and sweat killing sneakers were created. After launching the first product in 2015, SUAVS received a lot of positive feedback and, thus, decided to launch the second design.

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They started sketching, designing, prototyping, testing and, finally, they’ve come up with the perfect everyday shoe: a minimalistic, lifestyle lace-up shoe made for comfort and versatility. With its breathable design and moisture wicking insoles, these shoes are perfect for wearing without socks. For some of us, going sockless has its consequences – that’s why The Zilker comes with a removable insert that you can throw in the washer for fresh, clean and comfy feet. Available in classic colorways, their minimalist and versatile design were created for men and women on the go, anywhere and on any occasion!

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What makes these shoes unbelievably lightweight and flexible? First of all, they have a minimalist construction with lining only in the necessary parts of the shoe, such as the heel and lacing. Secondly, The Zilker is made of 55% low-density rubber. They have an ultra flexible sole that moves with your feet while giving support. Thirdly, their new polyfoam insole contains a microfiber that is both lightweight and super absorbent. Last, but not least, a flexible sole allows for a rocking motion of your foot from the heel to toe, preventing the collision effect that impacts your knees.

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The Zilker’s versatile style makes them perfect for pairing with any outfit. With a minimalist, stylish design, you can wear your shoes with literally anything, whether it’s jeans, pants, shorts or a skirt. They look great on both men and women. The Zilker are equipped with a removable insole that is both breathable and sweat reducing. The breathable poly foam insole is ULTRA sweat wicking and helps prevent odor from forming when you wear your shoes without socks. They come in three colors: black with a black or white sole, white with white sole, and navy with white sole.

Now, The Zilker can be yours! All you have to do is support SAUVS’s campaign on Kickstarter and pre-order an early bird for $50 (or $60, if you want to receive an extra pair of inserts). They will deliver the product during June, 2017. Don’t hesitate! The Zilker has been 85% funded in just 5 days. Impressive, isn’t it?


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