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When you think that nobody can invent anything more stunning, bam! here it is! This time there’s a big surprise from Zagorje Ob Savi in Slovenia. The young entrepreneur – David Knez – got an idea for creating a shoelace that will be simple and functional. That’s how QuickShoeLace was born. Over two years, he designed and improved his product. Now, these new generation shoelaces have a great potential to become a must-have gadget of spring-summer fashion season 2017.

For David and his company InDavidual, this campaign is much more than a one-time project. They are going to start serial production in Slovenia and develop a high-quality brand. The team wants to make people’s life easier. That’s why they have created QuickShoeLace. The only thing you need is a shoe with holes. Once you lead the elastic lace through the holes and screw the metal tips on top of it, you are ready to go.

Using QuickShoeLace is like a piece of the cake. All you have to do is screw the metal studs into the top holes and clip the lace in place. Metal parts are coated with nickel that protects them against corrosion. These shoelaces don’t leave extra string and can be “tied” with one hand. You can weave the laces in any pattern you want. Furthermore, they come in multiple colors. Thus, this accessory let you customize your style.

One pack of QuickShoeLace comes with 4 round or 4 spiky metal tips, logo with optional engraved name on it and one pair of laces (1.2 m length) in any colors, chosen from a palette on the site. You can purchase an early bird copy of the product for $15. Feel free to support David and QuickShoeLace on Kickstarter and tie your shoes in a second.




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