buffet buffetgo startup

BuffetGo is a startup from Los Angeles with a revolutionary concept of saving food. Thanks to their partnership with local restaurants, they buy leftover food and save it from becoming waste. Just before closing, clients who ordered a meal via the BuffetGO app can pick it up at a scheduled time and enjoy fresh food, with prices starting from $1!

The startup partners with many different restaurants and hotels around the United States, such as Hokkaido Seafood Buffet and Doubletree by Hilton. It is not only a great occasion to have a great meal, without ruining your wallet, but also the first step to saving our planet.

BuffetGo has already saved 240,000 portions of food from being sent to landfill, avoiding 1,700,000 pounds of harmful carbon dioxide emissions. The numbers speak for themselves, and it literally costs you nothing (ok, maybe a few dollars, but you have to buy some food anyway) to be a part of a good change, reducing food waste and showing awareness to world hunger.

Don’t hesitate; the first order is free!


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