Catwalk fashion startup

1. Sneakers Wash

We all have things that sooner or later we’d like to get rid of. Stop. Maybe there is still a chance for your favourite but worn-out shoes? Is there any option for a makeover and the second life? Sneakers Wash can surely do it for you! The idea of upcycling, which is the process of transformation of heavily-devastated or unwanted products, lies in the backbone of their business. The offer can be limited to a cleaning service only but it may also include a bespoke renovation service. There company has also a custom offer for those clients who have non-standard requirements. The before and after comparisons are really breathtaking.

Sneakers Wash fashion startup
Sneakers Wash before and after comparison

2. Nubee

Nubee targets their offer at women who aim to combine the casual but elegant look and feeling comfortable. The offer contains pullovers, coats, vests, circle scarfs, scarfs which all have a distinctive high neck with a small leather belt that may be easily detached and converted into a hoodie. The long sleeved garments are finished with the thumb holes.


3. Ottaviano

Comfy, stylish and super-lightweight fleece clothing is made predominantly with mommies in thought. The offer has some pieces for pregnant women. Mothers of very small babies can purchase a dress or sweater which allows to breastfeed discreetly. When a baby is bigger you can buy yourself a dress and the same model in its mini version is offered for your little girl. This solution will make both of you fashionable and unique. Ottaviano has some products available for men and boys so the whole family can wear similar clothes.

Ottaviano fashion startup

4. Livia Clue

Livia Clue offers elegant and never out of fashion designs. Tunics, dresses and skirts are offered mostly in plain, floral and lace pattern and they fit perfectly for every occasion. The feminine designs and classical shapes are made to suit almost every figure, expose its beautiful parts and attract attention with the classical look.

Livia Clue fashion startup
Livia Clue

5. Wool and The Gang

Wool and the Gang is a company which rebels against mass produced and low quality clothing. Knitting means handmade and it means every single piece is unique in its nature; what’s more, the main material, which is wool, is sourced to reduce the side effects of environmental impact of the production. The company also promotes knitting and crochet. You can also purchase one of the try out knitting sets with Wool and The Gang yarn in your favourite color. On the WATG website, there are tutorial movies for beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced knitting enthusiasts available. It is a great opportunity to enter a community of the international fans of knitting and discover new passion.

Wool and the gang fashion startup
Wool And The Gang

6. Girl Meets Dress

Girl Meets Dress is an interesting and original idea which implies that a customer can order a designer dress and keep it as long as needed. When a dress is no longer in use, it should be send back to the company. The offer includes designer, wedding, work, graduation, and other kind of dresses and accessories. The service of a stylist advice is available for free by email. This fashion rental takes care of the cleaning service.

Girl Meets Dress fashion startup
Girl Meets Dress

7. The Chapar

The Chapar is a business targeted at men’s audience that want to wear stylish clothes but have no idea how to match pieces of clothing with accessories and would like to get a helping hand in accordance with their personal preferences. First of all, an interested client should fill in the form. The stylist will contact him to talk about his requirements. Next, a package with a trunk will be sent with a set of clothes, accessories and shoes that should potentially suit him. Finally, a client pays only for the pieces that he wants to keep. Men don’t have to spend long hours on shopping for clothing that would perfectly match their personality and they’re guaranteed to obtain the stylist advice.

The Chapar fashion startup
The Chapar

8. Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi dedicated their offer to shoppers who aim to buy a unique and handmade pieces from organic fabrics. The company sells not only clothes, but also an idea of buying less and getting more. This philosophy means supporting the idea of conscious consumption and getting the unique design and high quality and sustainability. The shop offers some vegan-friendly garment, which are clothing and accessories made in animal-friendly way and no animal products like leather or fur were used in the process of production. Wabi Sabi is a sweatshop-free company.


9. Stantt

Stantt promotes a new approach concerning sizes available in stores – instead of three most popular sizes, the company offers 75 shirt sizes. If you want to get a perfectly fitted one from their store, you need to provide three measurements –
chest, sleeve length and waist. The offer contains casual and formal shirts. On demand, everyone can get a free measuring kit. The returns and exchange are possible; moreover, shipping within the U.S. is free.

Stantt fashion startup

10. Zero Waste Daniel

Zero Waste Daniel company belongs to Daniel Silverstein, clothing designer and manufacturer of zero waste clothing. The idea supports the reduction of the negative effects of fashion industry on pollution and minimizing the number of textiles that are going end up in the landfills. ZWD aims at saving up to 3 tonnes of textile waste and make 6000 ZWD garments out of it in 2017 and “turn trash into treasure.” ZWD apparel is handmade and none of pieces are identical, which makes them unique.

ZWD fashion startup
Zero Waste Daniel

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